Overheard: I Hunger

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In front of Butler

Kid 1: (looking at chalk) What is…

Kid 2: There was a vigil tonight.

Kid 1: Oh, but it’s done… Was there food-

Kid 2: No, they had a vigil.

Kid 1: But like, isn’t Burma a type of food…?

Kid 2: No, they

Kid 1: Because I was really hoping for free food –

Kid 2: Peter, people are dying!

Kid 1: I thought (slowly realizing) – Oh! I thought Burma was a type

of food… Oh… (genuine) forgive me for my ignorance!

In Koronets

Girl: Do you have pizza without cheese?

Worker: What?

Girl: Do you have a vegan pizza?

Worker: ……… No.

Girl: What kind of place is this?!

Worker: We can scrape off the cheese for you.

Thanks to Andy Pommier and Michelle Madejski for overhearing.

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  1. Riven  

    vegan Pizza? Such a thing should be prohibited by law! What's next? Vegan Meatballs?, oh no, we already have those...

    Be vegan or don't, but do not pretend to be... vegan Pizza...

  2. One fish, two fish  

    There's only one Koronet. And it doesn't own anything either.

  3. lol  

    Vegan Pizza. The Koronet's guy should have bitch-slapped that mofo for getting indignant.

  4. Anonymous  

    There's a vigil tonight, too, at 8:45 I think. I guess you could go and learn more about what's going the fact that Burma isn't a food. ;)

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