So Park Slope is far away, but intrepid Bwog correspondents Maryam Parhizkar and Emma Jacobs made the trip and rediscovered their childhood. Remember a time before CC? Well, maybe this well help…

Before the semester really gets under way, you might want to stock up on some extra support. There’s still time left to get down to the Superhero Supply Company at 372 Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn’s Park Slope.

There are not many places that would make us want to be 11 years old again.  The Superhero Supply Co. is among the rare few.  Stepping inside feels a lot like stepping into a well-crafted children’s book, and no wonder.  The whole place is the brainchild of author Dave Eggers, genuine fictionado and founder of McSweeney’s.

Located at 5th and 5th in Park Slope of course, where all the writers live, the shelves of the superhero supply company are well stocked with lithium stun guns for that guy in your CC class, night vision binoculars for getting home from Butler and portable force fields—for just about anything, and sprayable intuition, for which the uses should be obvious.

The staff chatting in the corner about the guy who had showed up to their last get-together as Mulligan the Magnificent let us in on the secret.  If you ask nicely, they’ll pull back the curtain to reveal the secret door (yes, of course there’s a secret door) to the back room, where the writing sessions are held for 826 NYC, a writing program for kids ages 6-18. They do field trips. They work in schools. They publish student work and give workshops on writing everything from those college app essays to quality pop-up books.

With the help of a World Time Utility Wristwatch ($18), you might just be able to squeeze in time this semester to come help out. At the very least, go pick up a motherboard. You’re going to need it.