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For the nicest walls in Morningside

kjJerone Hsu, CC ’07, former Editor-in-Chief of Tablet, founder of Eclectica Esoterica (whose latest, beautifully designed issue includes essays about Times New Roman and psychedelic drug use), and B&W graphics editor of yore is still gracing campus with his artistic talent. Now, though, it’s for hire, albeit for a good cause: he’s selling his mural-painting services to raise startup capital for a non-profit group that will help arts organizations in the area find funding. Yes, your McBain double could look like an updated Sistine Chapel–e-mail for a consultation. 

Meanwhile, other former editors-in-chief are doing cool shit too: Current founder Bari Weiss just finished a fellowship at the Wall Street Journal and is now off for another in Israel. Former Spectator head Megan Greenwell is nearing the end of a tour in Iraq for the Washington Post. Birch founder and last year’s CPR editor Paul Sonne will begin his Marshall-funded stint at Oxford this fall, and B&W editor emeritus Avi Zenilman is scribing for the Politico, a new-ish journalistic venture in D.C.

See what a bustling campus publications scene launches! Or maybe it’s just them.

UPDATE, Saturday, 11:50 PM: Last year’s editor-in-chief of the Columbia Review, Katarzyna Kozanecka (now Nikhamina), married her high school sweetheart in June and is now working for the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.


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  • practical question says:

    @practical question doesn’t the university fine students for this?

    1. well says:

      @well you could also theoretically do that with some black electrical tape, an exacto knife, and a whole lot of patience

  • not if says:

    @not if you paint it back to white when the year ends

    1. former RA says:

      @former RA they can fine you regardless. painting it back to white is often a waste of time. it all depends on whether they were planning to re-paint at the end of the year. if they were, no fines, if they weren’t then fines, even if you painted it back.

      what about alex jung and all the folks with Ad Hoc? why is there no ad hoc love?

      1. So then says:

        @So then is there any way we can find out whether or not they plan to? Or is this just another chainyank?

  • curious says:

    @curious where might one find eclectica esoterica?

  • loscalzo says:


  • mlp says:

    @mlp Also keep in mind this horror story from a few years ago:
    A group of suitemates in Hartley painted murals on their common room walls. At the end of the year they repainted everything white, but in the process got paint all over the carpet. Columbia charged them thousands of dollars for new carpet.

  • gds says:

    @gds i think jerone will paint canvas instead of a mural if you want him to.

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