It’s now time for Freshies to vote for CCSC 2011 and, armed with only 500 flyers and no money to spend, Facebook was bound to become a primary organizing tool.   Justin Vlasits surveyed the endless domain of the Internet to measure the standings of each ticket with less than a week until elections. Check back for coverage of the 2011 debate in John Jay Lounge on Sunday at 9 PM–we’ll be there with popcorn.

RealColumbia Party


Members: 167



President: Vesal Yazdi

Vice President: Tania Harsono

Rep: Adina Levin

Rep: Alyssa LaMontagne

Rep: Davey Gibian


Outside website: N/A


Pros: Extensive (and most likely overly ambitious) platform including practical reforms such as expanding the hours of John Jay dining hall, JJ’s Place and Ferris Booth while also the exceedingly general “ease bureaucratic pressure on students.”  With three international students on the ticket (2 Canadian, 1 Aussie) and a footballin’ theme, they should have a stranglehold on Columbia’s Non Resident Alien voting block.


Cons: Only 6% of Columbia College is international.  Their platform is organized under the “Four Pillars of Reality,” which sound more like a postmodern adaptation of the Five Pillars of Islam than a political party’s central ideas. 

iColumbia Party


Members: 152



President: Anna Ginzberg

Vice President: Amanda Olivo

Rep: Sean Udell

Rep: David Zhu

Rep: Michael Mirochink




Pros: Mad Photoshop skillz (see picture) with the added bonus of partially invisible head.  Indeed, this tech-savvy party’s website has photographic evidence of their knowledge of the Low steps and Alma Mater!   David Zhu can also beatbox while playing flute.


Cons: Apple lawsuit pending.

Class Action



Members: 145



President: Learned Foote

Vice President: Tom Amegadzie

Rep: Noah Baron

Rep: Sara Partridge

Rep: Melissa Im


Outside website


Pros: Best dressed.  This party has a few clear, attainable goals such as having Luau in Uris Pool and hiring an outside catering company to give free food before sunrise to those that observe Ramadan.


Cons: According to their website, Sara Partridge, a candidate for Representative, can predict the color of people’s underwear.    

Fight for Your Right Party





President: Lalit Gurnani

Vice President: Cailtlyn Shea Malcynsky

Rep: Lisa Weber

Rep: Eric Rosenberg

Rep: Shree Awsare


Outside website


Pros: Beastie Boys references are always a good way to rise in the political ranks.  Mike Gravel would be a shoe-in for the Dems nomination if his slogan was “All I really want is girls!”


Cons: None of their policy ideas have anything to do with parties. And their website doesn’t work despite the fact that they have four publicity organizers, two party organizers and a webmaster. And according to a JJ 14er, one party member takes the elevator to the 5th floor.

Columbia‘s 711 Open 24/7


President: Ankit Gupta

Vice President:

Rep: Nicholas Lall

Rep: Uloma Albii

Rep: Griff Curtis

No detectable facebook group. It’s not looking good for the convenience store constituency.