Just when you thought that this year’s oratorical cavalcade couldn’t possibly get any weirder, Friendly Fire has invited world-renowned pornographer free speech activist Larry Flynt to speak here on Thursday at 5 PM in the Lerner Party Space (the email says to get there early). No announcement yet on whether there’ll be an afterparty at the Hustler Club, but Bwog is holding out hope.

One event whose after party certainly won’t be held at the Hustler Club (like that transition?) is the College Republican’s candlelight vigil to “remember and acknowledge the untold millions who unduly suffer under the tyranny of state-enforced Islamic extremism.” In today’s Spec, awesomely-named CUGOP board member Diana Lawless called the event a chance for people to “put aside their politics and differences.”

And such opportunities for communal harmony abound during Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. David Horowtiz, C ’59 is speaking Friday afternoon (register here), and if that isn’t enough to satisfy your curiosity/raging Islamophobia/hatred of Islamofascism, there’s an “oppression panel” with speakers from CUNY and the American Enterprise institute on Wednesday at 8 in Math 203. 

You can bet that the Progressive Jewish Alliance won’t be attendance. Their Facebook group petitioning Hillel to officially condemn the week’s events currently has 99 members.

And if you still want to see Natalie Portman talk about poverty reduction tomorrow at 1 in Lerner 555, Bwog recommends you email ec2454@columbia.edu as soon as possible.