A bit of late news that was recently brought to our attention: according to the ominously-titled website House of Bnai-Haman, September 24, 2007 will now permanently be referred to as “Columbia’s Day of Shame,” which the site asks to readers to make sure “is never forgotten.” Granted, the blog was actively updated for a grand total of two weeks, so we’re not sure how long people will remember such an appellation — never mind the nifty bit of poetry in the left hand column. Hey, at least its’s got those sister sites loaded and running (more or less, anyway).

He even makes up quotes from PrezBo himself! Here’s one selection:

“Since Hitler is no longer available and Amadinejad has already spoken, I want our students to have the chance to hear from this scummy scoundrel,” Bollinger said’ in a news release.

Bollinger further promised that he’d give the nooseman a public dressing down before providing him an open forum to spout his message of hate.

While Professor Constantine told news outlets covering the story that she found the incident “very personal and very degrading,” Bollinger said the feelings of all victims matter not.  “What counts,” Bollinger said, “is that in America, everyone from the corner grocer to the corner cannibal has his or her opportunity to besmirch the reputation of our campus.”

Now that would require some serious sensitivity training.