Many of last year’s V-Show alums seem to be returning for V114, including Rob Trump, Emily Bickford, and Benjamin Velez.

Director: Hannah Kass B’09

Producers: Erin Byrne B’09, Jeff Schwartz C’10

Writers: Rob Trump C’09, [B&W managing editor] James Williams C’08

Composers/Lyricists: Katie Hathaway B’10, Benjamin Velez C’10

Choreographer: Emily Bickford B’09

Art Director: Ben Weinryb Grohsgal C’08

Also, you might expect Bwog to pass off a flimsy excuse as to why we’re including this clip of the defunct Columbia soap opera The Gates, (for instance, how it was one target of V113’s sharp humor). However, dear reader, it’s best not to look a gift horse in the mouth.