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Speak and Rally

Organizers have wasted no time organizing a response to yesterday’s noose. Last night’s protest was followed by an early afternoon rally today, on the steps of Teacher’s College. 

With a variety of signs and speakers, it seemed the event’s main purpose was to demonstrate a swift and strong response. By the time the event kicked off at 2 pm, a good-sized crowd had gathered, stretching as far into the street as the police barrier would allow. Others watched from campus across the street, and a tour bus even rolled by for the photo op.

The proceeding moved rather quickly, although at times it suffered from microphone failure, leaving some speakers to be drowned out in the loud crowd. Audible orators included N.Y. State Senator Bill Perkins, Madonna Constantine herself, and (Bwog believes) Reverend Calvin Butts of Harlem’s Abyssinian Baptist Church. a loud-spoken individual named Calvin.

Perkins took the event as a sign of racism’s pervasiveness even in today’s society, comparing Columbia University today to Columbia, South Carolina in the 1800s. Although he did not condemn Columbia, he said the threat “sounds like an inside job,” noting Columbia’s “very serious security.” Constantine directly addressed the perpetrators, saying “hanging the noose on my door reeks of cowardice,” praised the security and police forces for their responses, and added that she was proud to be a part of Teacher’s College (but no mention of Columbia). <br>


After a student said an impromptu prayer, another speaker led an impromptu chant: “No justice, no peace!” The speech was not about the noose but rather about Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer voting for Columbia’s expansion plan. He warned against trusting the words of politicians who “say things because they have to.” “I can say what I want,” he said, launching into another rousing round of militancy. 

The chant was immediately followed by the rally’s leaders asking members to peacefully march around the streets.  Holding signs ranging from “intolerance is intolerable,” and “we all live in Jena”, to the very policy-oriented “support anti-racism education,” to the 1960s-style “where’s the love?,” the group looped around Teacher’s College and then headed for main campus before returning home for a 3:30 town hall meeting. The peace
was kept. Police looked bored.

Including “no justice, no peace,” the rally and march had at least eight distinct chants, including the following:

“What do we want? Justice! When do we want it? Now!” 

“United we stand!”

“Ain’t no power like the power of the people cuz the power of the people don’t stop” 

“The people, united, cannot be defeated.”

“No more nooses”

“Not on our campus”

and to expand on that one:

“Not here, not anywhere”





Also, if you go to Columbia you probably already got this, but here’s the latest Bollinger statement, in which he clarifies that TC and CU are “two separate institutions.”

Dear fellow member of the Columbia community:

As most of you now know, a terrible incident of bias occurred at

Teachers College yesterday, directed at a member of the faculty.

Teachers College is a cherished affiliate of Columbia University

with its own president, Susan Fuhrman, to whom I have offered our

support and assistance. We may be two independent institutions, but

we are one community; and we stand together in our commitment to

oppose the frightening sentiments that lay behind this act.

Tolerance and mutual respect are among the core values of our

diverse community, and all of us must confront acts of hate

whenever they occur within it. As I said last night, an attack on

the dignity of any member of our community is an assault on all of


I will be meeting with student leaders this afternoon, and other

members of the administration will be communicating with faculty

and students in the coming days. Our mission as a university

includes addressing the most important and searing issues of our

time, and we have a particular obligation to respond forcefully to

events that affront our values.


Lee C. Bollinger

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  • jma says:

    @jma i think the point wasn’t that white people never experience discrimination. rather, it’s about how often the members of the black community, and minorities in general, regardless of color, have to experience discrimination.

  • Ivy in the League says:

    @Ivy in the League I have voiced this possibility before. I would not be surprised if it was Constantine herself who planned/did this. This is the perfect method to gain self-righteousness and immunity from your rivals. The academy is a sick, sick place.

  • eaa says:

    @eaa in class this morning and my prof mentioned a video?? Is this true? Was the perp caught on tape. Thought overheard same thing in 212.

    1. The Guardian says:

      @The Guardian is reporting that there is a video, and that Columbia refuses to turn it over.,,-6989248,00.html

      “Columbia University has refused to turn over security videotape that could help identify who hung a noose on a black professor’s office door, police said Thursday.

      Investigators began asking on Wednesday for tapes from cameras in the building, but have been rebuffed by administrators, said Paul Browne, the New York Police Department’s top spokesman.

      He said police will have to get a court order to force the school to provide video they believe could crack the case. ”


  • She's in says:

    @She's in She’s in USA Today, today. I think Madonna Constantine (a made-up name?) pulled this to get back at her rival

    1. she has says:

      @she has a rival? are you referring to the prof she’s apparently engaged in a lawsuit with? does anyone know what that lawsuit’s about?

      1. Yes says:

        @Yes Yes, apparently this other Prof (out of town, an Indian woman) sued for defamation of character – or maybe it was the other way around

  • better defs says:

    @better defs definitions of “hate crime” and “bias incident,” including why/how they are handled differently…

  • crime vs incident says:

    @crime vs incident just fyi — there is a very distinct difference between “hate crime” and “bias incident/ behavior.” that’s probably why it’s problematic for folks to use them interchangably. you can find a decent explanation here:

  • pictures says:

    @pictures CTV News posted a report with good video of what happened today –

  • Affirmative Action says:

    @Affirmative Action it’s funny how it all comes back to this, isn’t. Actually, I think affirmative action has limited usefullness and ends up benefiting the wrong people. We should move towards class based affirmative action as former Columbia prof Tony Marx is doing up at Amherst.

    Unfortunately, African American politics is largely controlled by petty-bourgeois clergymen and middle class liberals who benefit from affirmative action while the mass of truly poor black people are structurally excluded. Class based affirmative action would end all this pathetic whining by characters like this Jeff (do you even go to Columbia, comrade?) While I think race should still be a factor, a really meaningful thing to do would be to place class at the center of programs.

  • Ivy in the League says:

    @Ivy in the League Furthermore, if you want to argue fairness in its most complete form, you cannot only take into account affirmative action, but also legacy, athletic “financial aid” (which we so deny in giving), and a bunch of other mitigating factors. How many rich, white gentlemen make it into the nation’s top schools based on the merits of their fathers?

  • freshyfrosh says:

    @freshyfrosh I’d just like to point out that the TC run “Under1Roof” workshop on diversity was just about the only useful event of NSOP this year. I was seriously impressed.

  • Richard Weaver says:

    @Richard Weaver The spirit of SDS and The Weather Underground lives on in the guise of this manufactured crisis. Take a look at how Columbia grad Mark Rudd portrays himself and his fellow 1960’s Columbia terrorists in an avuncular light here:

    [ external link to ]

    Columbia students, please read this self-serving article and think on it a bit. My hope is that some of you will wake up to who, and what ideology, is pulling the strings and is manipulating your perceptions.

    “Racial tension” has always been guided and exploited by those who stand to gain the most from it. A careful read of Rudd’s brief memoir of his radical days might give rise to an examination of who, and what ideology, is promoting idiocies such as the outrage over this piece of rope and the ersatz “furor” over the Jena 6.

    Left vs. right has little meaning to these puppetmasters; note that Rudd pays homage to neoconservative guiding light Leo Strauss in the same paragraph where he praises Marx. Destruction of the pillars of traditional society was- for Strauss and Marx and Rudd- the overt and sometimes covert goal. Please ask yourself: Qui bono?

    –Richard M. Weaver

    [ external link to ]

    1. Jeff says:

      @Jeff You are right, a lot of this is done by hate groups who simply want tension.

      There was a time in the 1970s and 1980s when terrorist actions were done in Palestine, followed by horrible anti-Islamic fliers. It turned out it was a group of French neo-nazis pretending to be Israelis, trying to increase tensions between Muslims and Jews.

      People like poster #48 are being played by smart, powerful people who are pulling the strings of the media. Jena was a complete fabrication by people like this. We can’t make conclusions yet about what happened at Columbia, but nobody would be surprised if this was another fraud.

      When someone has a large enough bias, they will believe anything that supports their cause. These black groups don’t need too much evidence to jump to the conclusion that something was racist. They are desperately searching for racism everywhere – if they find a white who might be racist, they won’t wait to find out the truth before throwing a few parties… Excuse me, I mean protests.

  • nlr says:

    @nlr jeff, i get what you’re saying, i really do. but i think i should point out that your posts exemplify precisely the culture of victimhood that you are railing against. i’m actually in my third year here, maybe thats not long enough to fully grasp the politics of this campus, but its long enough to have heard and read many arguments like yours. my first year i dated a guy who complained about “reverse racism” and “black privilege” and, not surprisingly, he had neither a good grasp on history nor did he have any black friends or acquaintances. Anyway, three years later and the angry white male thing is as unappealing now as it was then.

    1. Jeff says:

      @Jeff I’m not crying victimhood at all. Again, maybe someone posted under my name… but I never complained about anything that has happened in my life. If some black kid gets a job that I was more qualified for just because of his skin color, I just determine to work harder. I won’t let racism negatively affect my life.

      I’m tired of all of these black groups trying to separate us all. Continuing to make blacks somehow different from whites. Continuing to push for laws that treat people differently based on their skin color.

      I believe an Amendment should be passed barring any law at any level of American government that mentions skin color. Of course, this doesn’t really require its own Amendment – only a proper interpretation of the Amendments already on the books… but, nobody seems to get it.

      Naive fools like poster #48 don’t help things.

      1. PBJ says:

        @PBJ heres a question, jeff, if and when some black kid gets the job you wanted will you assume that it’s because of the color of his skin? is the possibility of a qualified black kid so absurd to you? and really, i have a hard time believing that affirmative action will ever present a real problem for you, call me when “the blacks” have put you out of work and then we’ll talk.

        1. Jeff says:

          @Jeff I don’t see why people have to keep making up these lies and distortions. I suggest you read my posts and find me where I ever said that. Like I said, I never sit around and complain if I lose a job opportunity. There is no point to it – like you said, I can’t know whether I lost the job because of skin color or because I deserved it. We know that certainly a lot of blacks do get jobs over more-deserving whites – that’s what Affirmative Action does. But obviously this only makes up a small percentage of jobs in this country, so it’s impossible for most people to know whether they were denied a job because of racism or not.

          If you read my post you would see that my point was for people to move past this. We live in a grievance society – everyone likes to complain and blame everyone else for their problems. If you have problems, the only person to blame is yourself. If you work hard enough, you will get what you deserve. If you sit around all day complaining about vague forces of racism ruining your life rather than working on increased knowledge or an increased skill base – you, too, will get what you deserve.

        2. answer says:

          @answer think about what you’re arguing here. affirmative action essentially PROMOTES unqualified blacks into positions which they would not get on merit alone. the idea of a black person being qualified isn’t absurd–affirmative action, however, makes it seem that way.

          1. Jeff says:

            @Jeff It makes it seem that way sometimes, yes.

            The reality is that the people punished most by affirmative action are blacks. The truly gifted and hardworking blacks have their work denigrated because how can anyone know whether they really earned their honors?

            Affirmative Action doesn’t put one kid in college who isn’t already going. A kid who undeservedly gets into Columbia isn’t deciding between Columbia and no college – if he doesn’t get into Columbia he’ll go to somewhere like Tufts or NYU where he can get in on his own merits. Like they found when they got rid of AA in Texas, the number of blacks at the highest level of colleges went down, but the total number of blacks in college went up. And the number of drop outs went way down.

            The only people who win with AA are politicians and big-money companies and corporations.

            1. i agree says:

              @i agree affirmative action gives us the impression that no qualified blacks exist–that they only get their positions based on their race. if AA did not exist then we wouldn’t have this illusion.

  • the only says:

    @the only blacks I know are the All Blacks

    regretfully brought to their knees by the only people worse than the Pommies.. the frogs :-(

  • So Jeff - says:

    @So Jeff - you want us to believe that blacks are responsible for racism by ganging up and blaming whites? Or that this is a hoax perpetrated by some black activist because of a lack of real racism. You are insane.

    Look at Sean and Amadou. Look at the hundreds of black men we execute every year. Look at our prison system. No one needs to invent racism. When we said “Jena is Columbia” we had no idea how right we were.

    1. Jeff says:

      @Jeff I’ll try to take this lies, distortions and misrepresentations one at a time:

      I don’t recall ever saying that all racism from whites is caused by blacks blaming things on whites. I must have been sleeping when someone posted that under my name. What I said was obvious – that constantly attacking whites as a group makes whites resentful. At the very least, it forces us into these groups “white” and “black”, which would be much more meaningless to us now if not for the fact that black groups constantly remind us of them. As for my sanity… I didn’t know you had access to my psychiatric history.

      As for blacks being killed by the death penalty… you do realize that WHITES are more likely to get the death penalty than blacks, right? Blacks commit far more murders than whites. If you look at the ratio of blacks-to-whites that commit death penalty eligible crimes, whites are more likely to be put on death row. And whites on death row are more likely to be executed than blacks. So, apparently the system is geared against whites (using your logic, atleast), although that’s obviously not what I’m claiming. In fact, the reality is simply that there is no bias, and it’s just that areas of the country with more whites are more likely to be politically conservative with district attornies who will want to go after the death penalty.

      And as for Jena, even most black commentators have admitted that nothing racist happened against blacks there. That was a completely fabrication by creative attornies and activists. Trying to connect some nooses several months before with a brutal assault was a brilliant act of politics, but it was a total fraud. We now know that the actions had nothing to do with each other. Just a bunch of black kids kicking an unconscious white kid laying on the floor who committed the unfortunate crime of being white in an area teeming with racist blacks.

      Now, Jena WAS real racism. The racism of those six punks beating up a kid for being white. I hope you are truly upset about that REAL racism. That racism is a fact. Until we see some facts that provide evidence that anything racist happened at columbia, all anybody is doing is jumping to inflammatory conclusions.

  • The Judge says:

    @The Judge The only crimes that are not hate crimes are those done with indifference toward the victim, like if you’re killing just for the hell of it.

  • it isn't says:

    @it isn't a hate crime yet unless a non-black did it.

    it pisses me off that depending on the RACE of the person who did this, the punishments will vary. Doesn’t that seem WRONG to you?

    1. Jeff says:

      @Jeff Of course. It’s inherently racist to judge someone based on their skin color. Wasn’t that what Martin L King was fighting for?

      The crime is what it is – it doesn’t matter the skin color of the offender. When a man murders his wife, doesn’t that mean he hates his wife? So does that hate-crime statute apply there as well, haha?

      1. only says:

        @only in an interracial marriage where the guy is white and she’s black, apparently.

  • Ivy in the League says:

    @Ivy in the League I agree with nlr.
    “Bias incident”? How absurd is that. If it’s a hate crime, come out and say it. Why dodge around? Why use euphemistic terms like “bias incident.” Why Bollinger, no less?

    White people can never know the suffering of the colored peoples.

    1. Jeff says:

      @Jeff How do you know it was a hate crime when we don’t even know who did it? What if it was a black student trying to do it because they wanted to make a statement about racism and couldn’t find any real racist activities?

      In recent years there have been a LARGE number of incidents of blacks and muslims faking racist acts in order to draw either sympathy or attention.

      Unless we know that the act was done by a non-black in order to specifically intimidate a black teacher, calling it a “hate crime” is prejudicial, assumptive, distracting and wrong.

      Don’t jump to conclusions when you have no evidence whatsoever. All it does is show your own personal bias.

      Black people can never understanding what it’s like to lose a spot in college, or to lose a job, just because of your skin color or religion. Well, young black people at least. Older blacks had to deal with Jim Crow in parts of the south.. Now, the pendulum has swung the other way.

      1. PBJ says:

        @PBJ “blacks”?
        don’t you mean “coloreds”?

    2. Jeff says:

      @Jeff By the way, since I’m sure my parody of your “white people can never know the suffering….” went way over your head, let me explain something to you:

      What a lot of african-americans don’t understand is that this type of attacking, schism-forming rhetoric is the basis for almost ALL racial strife in America right now. When a group of blacks forms a circle amongst themselves and rails against all whites for something that one white may or may not have done, what do you expect to happen? When you insult millions of people who just happen to share a similar skin color? All you do is create anger, hurt racial relations, and further push away people who could be your ally.

      Blacks in New York, at Columbia especially, suffer NOTHING that everybody else doesn’t suffer. To say otherwise is utterly ignorant of reality. Not only does a MASSIVE protest like what we’re seeing now happen anytime anybody even PERCEIVES a racial act, but there are all sorts of rules set up to ensure pro-black results. Affirmative Action, for example, ensures that the system is rigged in favor of blacks – not the reverse.

      Do you really think that it’s possible for a white person to do something racist against blacks and get away with it on this campus? Really, do you? Meanwhile, racist words by blacks are accepted all the time (just walk around the protests on campus tomorrow – you’ll hear plenty). Please, get a grip before you say something else dumb.

  • Jeff says:

    @Jeff Maybe you haven’t been at Columbia long, but something like this happens about once every month or two. Something happens that might possibly be construed as anti-black, which leads to MASSIVE rallies about how much racism there is at Columbia. Followed by administration officials seeing who can bend over backwards further in an effort to please the mob.

    The fact is that I have there are groups on Columbia’s campus who say some pretty offensive things. You have some very anti-male things going on around Barnard. Some very anti-white things going on in the anthropology department. Anti-US and anti-Western Values stuff everywhere. And that doesn’t even mention the massive anti-semitism in MEALAC and elsewhere.

    But blacks are by far the most protected group on campus. This is why the mob has to make stuff up in order to feel aggrieved. For example, a few years ago a comic in the Spec parodied racist whites, by having jokes about how blacks were brought here to play basketball. Black groups quickly denounced this as racism against BLACKS… as if somebody took those jokes seriously. After massive protests, these groups then put up incredibly offensive anti-white racist posters around campus… a much more blunt “parody” of the situation. But no whites protested that one… whites just roll their eyes, because they know this is just a big joke.

    Another example was a couple years back when some drunk kids decided to try to deface a wall. It was almost all swastikas, but they made a couple of racist comments as well. The Jews rolled their eyes, because they knew this was just a bunch of drunk kids who were going to get in enough trouble for defacing school property. But fear not, the black groups made a huge fuss. The irony was that in the end, the administration had a massive meeting with the black, hispanic and native american student groups…. basically every minority group except the one that was mainly targeted in the defacing.

    Everyone knows this is a joke, except a tiny minority of ignorant students who prefer to blame all of their life’s problems on fanciful “racist whites” holding them back.

    Like I said, even the worst case scenario (that a racist white student put up a noose – which, of course, if a very UNLIKELY possibility) doesn’t say anything about the campus as a whole. Can you imagine if a REAL racist act was taken by a white on this campus? I can’t even imagine the furor around campus.

  • nlr says:

    @nlr jeff–i was almost with you but phrases like “massively pro-black” are as meaningless–and ultimately offensive–as “bias incident”. it’s true we don’t know anything about who did it or why but, as usual, it seems to have revealed something about the nature of this community. i’ve noticed a tendency among students, particularly white students, and particularly males, toward an almost agressive sort of apathy when it comes to this sort of incident. whats the deal? why does it offend you that people find the possibility of racism upsetting? “blacks are the most protected group on campus” ? really? what the hell does that even mean? please explain.

  • Jeff says:

    @Jeff This is all so silly. First of all, everyone is jumping to conclusions. Until people know why the noose was put up, we have no facts to work with. There are a number of realistic possibilities: Maybe there is a white supremacist. Maybe some student (of any color) just hates the teacher and wanted to get her back. Maybe the professor put it up to get attention (wouldn’t be the first at a US university in recent years). Maybe another black student put it up to make a point and try to create the impression of racism where there isn’t.

    Let’s remember that just earlier this week a horrible anti-muslim poster was put up at George Washington University… by a muslim student who confessed that he was trying to parody how he thinks westerners view islam. Didn’t stop massive protests about “islamophobia” in America.

    The worst case scenario here is that some white student really did put up the noose to intimidate the teacher. But even if that’s the case, what does it prove? Just one racist idiot. Comparing Columbia to 1800s in south carolina is one of the most laughable things I’ve ever heard (Where do they hand out the slaves for incoming white students nowadays, anyway?). Blacks are the most protected group on this campus. The idea of the administration being anything but MASSIVELY pro-black is absurd.

    So everyone needs to take a chill pill and move on. The protest groups just want to have a good time (what is more fun than chanting and singing at a protest, seriously?). They’ll find a new thing to protest about soon. Although these protests do tend to get a bit less frequent as the weather gets cold – just ain’t as much fun.

    1. Zach says:

      @Zach LASER EYES

      That’s not an anti-Muslim poster. That’s a frigging joke about people being anti-Muslim.

      1. uhhhh says:

        @uhhhh that was his point. perhaps this is a joke about people being anti-black. did you not see the analogy?

        1. Zach says:

          @Zach Hm. No, although I do now, my bad — I’m a little jarred by how much of the mainstream media missed it.

          1. it would says:

            @it would of course be a really crude and stupid joke. but considering the fact that we have no clue who did this, anything’s possible.

  • Ivy in the League says:

    @Ivy in the League Whoever started the “TC is ‘technically’ not a part of CU” line is a fool. We love to claim TC as a part of CU when it comes to rankings, but when something like this happens, we shred Columbia down to bare parts and do not claim responsibility.

    Bollinger is hesitant, weak, and irresponsible. I don’t believe that it would come from him.

  • hey bwog says:

    @hey bwog cover the awesome food in jj dining hall!

  • Alum says:

    @Alum What on earth does the noose (an act directed *against* CU & TC) have to do with Manhattanville? The speaker who tried to tie them together is just pandering.

  • white male says:

    @white male i’m tolerant of intolerance :)

  • ugh says:

    @ugh I really wonder how you racists got into Columbia in the first place. You’re disgusting.I just hope you realize that its the class-ists like you (not TC or Barnard folk) that bring down Columbia’s name.

    1. Ivy in the League says:

      @Ivy in the League Hey ugh, do you know how the class-ists got in here? Because that’s what the Ivy League is all about. Elitism of every stripe.

      And why the hell is it called a “bias incident”? Someone explain?

  • lite says:

    @lite Eh…I would argue that TC is part of the Ivy League. Grad schools are never involved in the sports aspect, and since TC is, in practice, Columbia’s School of Education, and the only school of education affiliated with Columbia, it’s part of the Ivy League.
    Barnard, on the other hand, is not, as it is not the undergrad school of Columbia.

    1. bob f. says:

      @bob f. Columbia University President Lee Bollinger sits on the board of trustees of the Teachers College of Columbia University; and the Teachers College of Columbia University apparently shifted $564,512 from its bank account to Columbia University’s bank account between 2004 and 2005. So Bollinger’s characterization of Teachers College as an authentically “independent” institution seems somewhat misleading.

      1. or you know says:

        @or you know it could be fees for say using columbia’s security or some of columbia’s space or something

        or, you could be right, and i could be financially dependent on starbucks

        1. ??? says:

          @??? discussion of affirmative action really has no place in this conversation. we should confront the actual issue here, which i guess at the moment is how we as a campus should react to this. you seem to think we should just “take a chill pill and move on.” sure, that’s easy to say, coming from someone who isn’t threatened in any way by tuesday’s incident. but the administration must play it safe and treat this as if it were the worst case scenario. if it actually were the case that this was a “bias incident,” then it would be terrible to have acted so cautiously. maybe you should take a chill pill and let us see if something productive can come out of this. it doesn’t hurt anybody in the least.

          as for your other comments, i don’t understand how you could think that the people affected should just treat incidents like these as a joke. again, it’s easy for people who haven’t been experienced racial discrimination as an everyday reality to say that racism is some relic of the past. the days of overt racism aren’t too far gone, and discrimination in many forms remains ingrained into our social structures. for people who have actually experienced true, hurtful racism, it can never be a joke. your assertion that blacks “suffer NOTHING that everybody else doesn’t suffer” is untenable. i admire your “idealism,” but we haven’t exactly reached that point yet.

          1. why says:

            @why why is it okay to assume that just because someone is white that they have never been discriminated against? ANYbody can be discriminated against by anybody else because of their ethnicity. it’s not just whites against the world, although those are the only incidents anybody acknowledges. you can’t say that whites aren’t discriminated against in one statement, and then dismiss affirmative action as irrelevant in another, because that’s exactly what affirmative action IS: discrimination against whites, males, and asians.

  • Wow. says:

    @Wow. Now I know how Sharpie manages to stay in business despite the paperless office — activists!

  • student says:

    @student all this shit deserves to be happening. Fuck tolerance…I have a right to free speech and I’ll use it.

    1. Anonymous says:

      @Anonymous “all this shit deserves to be happening. Fuck tolerance…I have a right to free speech and I’ll use it.”

      Use your free speech. But when youre free speech becomes hate speech. fUCk your freedom. A noose is not an act of free speech.
      It’s racism in 2007.

      Btw, I know who you are. I never thought you were this way. You always seemed so shy and quiet.


  • Teachers College says:

    @Teachers College is a great Institution and does not need Columbia to be what it is. TC was named, once again, number one school of Education as compared to Harvad, Yale and so forth. What number is Columbia College again?

  • i love how says:

    @i love how NOBODY is considering the idea that this might’ve been a black student who just really hates this prof. This is not necessarily a white-on-black hate crime.

  • FYI says:

    @FYI Neither TC nor Barnard are in the Ivy League.

    1. Actually.... says:

      @Actually.... Actually, given that barnard students compete on Columbia Teams, Barnard is from a practical point of view, “in the Ivy League” as far as Athletics. Realistically, thats the only thing that “Ivy League” actually denotes. There is no getting around the fact that barnard athletes are “ivy league athletes” as much as CC athletes. That has absolutely nothing to do with academics, admissions, or prestige. Accept it. (From a fanatical CC grad)

  • qft says:

    @qft Trying to argue that Teachers College is somehow part of Columbia University is about as laughable as someone trying to put Columbia University on their resume after graduating Barnard.

    I wish the media would stop claiming this is happening at Columbia. It’s not. It’s happening at an affiliate bastard child.

    1. Dude says:

      @Dude I don’t think we can get away with claiming this isn’t happening at Columbia. But whatever, helps our Columbia name recognition, I suppose.

      It’s sort of ironic that we have this like iron clad classic requirements to graduate, I wonder while all the nutso politicos go here?

  • abanajud says:

    @abanajud Fuck this shit it was some kid trying to piss y’all off and you know what it worked.

  • imho says:

    @imho no noose is good news

    1. You might says:

      @You might You might go so far as to say they are only noosely connected

  • Not Butts says:

    @Not Butts That guy was definitely not Calvin Butts. He was from another group.

  • seriously? says:

    @seriously? 20 minutes later and still no comments?
    not even a “i bet she put it on her own door!”?
    im in awe

    1. well says:

      @well i can’t read half the article because the pictures are covering the text. perhaps people are trying to refrain from judging too quickly?

      haha just kidding.

  • Ivy in the League says:

    @Ivy in the League “Bias incident”? Anyone?

    1. Not Ivy League says:

      @Not Ivy League Columbia University Teachers College is not in the Ivy League, and realistically only marginally affiliated with the institutions at Columbia University that are (CC, SEAS, and Barnard). Remember its just a sports league.

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