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At approximately 4:30 AM last night, the students chosen to be in the 114th Annual Varsity Show’s cast were inducted into Columbia’s oldest theatrical tradition in the customary way – by getting hit in the face with pies. Around 70 people total auditioned, as opposed to 85 in ’06. Fewer people auditioning didn’t make the casting process any easier, though; producers Jeff Schwartz and Erin Byrne tell Bwog that “the creative team deliberated last night for almost 9 hours straight.” Without further ado, here’s the cast: 


Kieron Cindric, CC ’08

Sarah Dooley, BC ’11

Lauren Glover, BC ’09

Laura Kleinbaum, CC ’08

Tobin Mitnick, CC ’10

Will Snider, CC ’09

Michael Snyder, CC’ ’10


Zach Dyer, CC ’11

Emily Fisch, BC ’11

Allie Paddock, CC ’10

Sophie Ragir, BC ’10

Michael Seaman, SEAS ’10

Jenny Vallancourt, BC ’11


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  1. at first  

    i didn't care about this, but then remembered the mike molina/becky abrams awesomeness of last year. where have they gone?

  2. Fan

    Will Snider FTW. The man is a god. It's good to see the V Show folks finally got their shit together. It's just too bad I won't be here to see him steal every scene in the show, even the ones he's not in.

  3. looks like  

    mostly new blood. this is nice.

  4. ok....  

    FTW is a fucking dumb abbreviation phrase thing.

  5. ONTDspeak FTW  

    FTW = ~*~For the Win~*~ bbz

  6. i'm glad  

    jim williams is writing. he'll make sure we're entertained.

  7. yoho

    FTW = For The Win, which I agree Mr. Snider is. Congrats to all cast.

    Interesting how underclassman-heavy the cast is though...9 first years/sophmores to 4 juniors/seniors? I think the new blood is great, but I hope too many seniors weren't denied their last chance to be in V-Show over a lot of first years (4!) who will have three more opportunities. Not that I think seniors should automatically be given consideration simply because they're seniors, but I see nothing wrong with people having to work their way up a bit, paint sets as freshmen, get chorus as sophmores, and lead as juniors/seniors.

  8. damn  

    all-white again, v-show?

  9. too bad

    mike m. is hilarious

  10. poop

    there goes the shot at the april b+w writing a good old fashioned hatchet job on the v-show. there are idols to slay!

  11. the  

    varsity show this year better be hilarious, as they have so much beef to work with...ahmadinejad, hunger strike, etc...and we're not even half way through!

  12. umm  

    I have never seen anyone have less talent than Laura Kleinbaum

  13. Kleinbaum  

    cannot act. cannot sing. cannot write.

    but she sure can socialize.

  14. hahahaha  

    michael seaman?



  15. Glad

    I'm not the only one who thought Kleinbaum was a hack.

  16. ...  

    Kieron makes my heart happy.

  17. IT"S  


  18. FTW

    F= Fuck T = The W = World

  19. ...

    Will Snider = The Best

  20. yay!

    Congrats to all.

    For the record

    1- No one from last year chose to audition again this year (too bad, but they probably have other things to do)

    2- Laura is amazing. She deserves this.

  21. in any case

    kleinbaum is pretty hot. gotta have some hotties in the cast.

  22. please

    do not start this conversation.

    someone inevitably gets picked on every year when bwog announces casting.

    some people will say mean things, then others say nice things.

    let's just stop it now.

  23. hello  

    I am certainly sorry to see Becky go, but the inclusion of lovely Laura has done wonders to cheer me up.

    But, to be fair, if the varsity show mentions the hunger strikers or Ahmadinejad, I think I'll be more likely to vomit than to laugh, no matter how funny the jokes are.

  24. anti-rjt  

    FTRecord, Rob Trump is a shitty hash brown

  25. deja vu

    LK'baum is getting all the same flak that JLievs took last year.
    Don't be hatin' cuz ur jealous dat these beautiful women will never be yours.
    LK'baum is da sexy.

  26. I'd do her...  

    but Laura Kleinbaum is a horrible actress, and she fails to pull you into the storyline. You can always tell that she's acting, and she's absolutely awful at it. She's the weakest link in Fruit Paunch, and she doesn't deserve it.

    P.S. Mike Molina and Becky should have done the V. Show. they are both awesome!!!

  27. history repeating

    I am literally copying and pasting what I wrote in the casting post last year. Slightly less in context, but still holds true.

    When you're in a smaller community (like Columbia), it is an odd mix of public and private. Some people truly are giving theatrical critique...maybe they can grow up to be theatre critics! But the problem is that others DO know the people involved and may have different motives.

    Because it is a smaller community people presume to know more than they do about how varsity show casting process works. Of course it is complicated and political, but no less so than real theatre.

    Everyone cast certainly deserves to be in it. And true, there are other people that deserve to be in it too...but it's a very small show. And the smallness/exclusivity sucks, but that's also what makes it the most impressive show on campus.

    All this talk arises simply because varsity show IS a big deal. And, for the sake of theatre, I'm glad it exists so that there's at least one show on campus that people beyond the small theatre community go see.

  28. well

    Lievers' performance last year seemed to prove that if you get wrecked on Bwog you'll own the Varsity Show, so Kleinbaum better get ready to step it up.

  29. Anonymous  

    Why isn't Caley Bulinski in the cast? I thought she was a sure thing. She deserved it and they're crazy for not taking her.

  30. poorer theater group  

    i've heard that varsity show spends around 100 grand each year. is that true? does anyone have any idea what most of that money is spent on?

  31. seriously  

    i agree. caley, hands down, has best the vocal talent of any girl in the senior class. oh well, im sure she'll do something awesome next semester anyway.

  32. Guys...


  33. also

    A lot of money goes into things that you don't even think about. Mics, for example, are thousands of dollars. And Mikes (molina, snyder) are even more expensive.

  34. cpd  

    nine hours straight? what if someone had to go to the bathroom?

  35. semi-fan  

    AH. I don't care who they picked, as long as the class of '07 is dead and GONE. What a shitty bunch of shit. Not a good performer or writer in the bunch.

    As far as I'm concerned, the entire Varsity Show slate should be wiped clean and they should make this year a fresh start. For instance, does it have to be a musical?

  36. confused also  

    laura kleinbaum is legitimately bad. she is very pretty, but still bad. She just doesn't totally know what acting is. A lot of other very pretty girls who have lots of talent also auditioned, which is why people are so confused, I think, and why it makes no sense that Laura got cast over them.
    Jordy Lievers is pretty and she can act and sing, but is mean. Thats why she was insulted, but why she rocked v show last year.

    If v show is as unfunny as it was last year, the writers actually have no talent because there is so damn much material. And they will be loathed because they chose themselves rather than giving any new blood a chance. So there's that, too.

    • wrong

      Wrong, wrong, wrong. Wrong.

      1) Laura is funny.
      2) Jordy is nice. One of the most generous people I know, actually. You clearly do not know her very well if you think otherwise.
      3) Last year's was funny.
      4) Only one of the writers is the same. And, for the record, there has been 1 carry-over writer every year that we have been here (that I am aware of)

  37. whuf!  

    catty, catty, catty.

    ever wonder where that "small" part of the "small theatre community" that #44 talked about comes from? people don't like smiles and snide congratulations and backstabbing once you think it's safe to post it anonymously.

    have a good time. go see the v-show, get wasted and go see the midnight kcst show (what is it this year, bwog?), all that good stuff. make a soup of friendship, not anonymous hate-bisque!

  38. Lauren's fan  

    Forget Laura Kleibaum, Lauren Glover is the hottest part of that cast.

  39. harriet tubman  

    i want lkk in my underground railroad!

  40. dooleymitnicksnyder  

    where the hell did they come from

  41. Julian Tambor  

    How could they take Tobin? Didn't they see The Gates and The Gates 2: Electric Boogaloo?

  42. Laura is  

    an evil robot from the future.

    Only you can stop her in her plot for world domination!

  43. the gates  

    was rad. its even radder that you remembered that character's full name.

  44. Michael Seaman  

    knows no bounds!

  45. I heard  

    that Sarah Dooley is T.I.'s baby momma.

  46. info  

    the kcst spring show is As You Like It

  47. Allie Paddock  

    was in a Nelly video. For real.

  48. joy!  

    I love Jenny Vallancourt!
    She's so awesome :)

  49. seniors

    oftentimes, seniors don't audition for the v-show. it's a really big time commitment and therefore they'd prefer to instead just enjoy senior year. when paul wright & jordan barbour were part of the cast in '05, that was more of an anomaly than anything. in '06, kate berthold, greta gerwig and ted malawer were all seniors and none auditioned... sadly, the show was weaker without them.

    i like the new blood though! hopefully this year will be great.

  50. anti-rjt  

    Rob Trump thinks he's funny but he's not.

    In addition, I heard on the radio that Jeff Schwartz roofied a 7th grader.

  51. no, no,  

    Jeff Schwartz roofied an 8th grader. But in his defense, the 8th grader roofied him first.

  52. Silly

    The VShow cast in '05 was amazing with Barbour, Malawer, Shure, and Bodine. I don't know a lot of these people, but I'm really glad Kleinbaum was cast for this year. She really is terrific and incredibly funny. Even though she had a small part in last year's Xmas: A Secular Spectacular, I thought Kleinbaum was one of the very best things about the entire production (along with Jesus and Luciana's drunk girl). I'll also say that I thought that Xmas was a lot funnier than last year's VShow. I thought it was a better production acoss the board, but particularly in terms of the writing. I just don't think VShow has been great since '05.

  53. XMAS2!


    7:30 & 11 PM
    FREE- in ROONE!

  54. ITW!  


    shows are
    and FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 30th (3 & 8 PM)

    just 5 dollars more than FREE
    (with a CU ID)

    in ROONE

  55. Vinnie

    Sarah Dooley is a pretty good singer. Look at her myspace

    She works it out...

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