At approximately 4:30 AM last night, the students chosen to be in the 114th Annual Varsity Show’s cast were inducted into Columbia’s oldest theatrical tradition in the customary way – by getting hit in the face with pies. Around 70 people total auditioned, as opposed to 85 in ’06. Fewer people auditioning didn’t make the casting process any easier, though; producers Jeff Schwartz and Erin Byrne tell Bwog that “the creative team deliberated last night for almost 9 hours straight.” Without further ado, here’s the cast: 


Kieron Cindric, CC ’08

Sarah Dooley, BC ’11

Lauren Glover, BC ’09

Laura Kleinbaum, CC ’08

Tobin Mitnick, CC ’10

Will Snider, CC ’09

Michael Snyder, CC’ ’10


Zach Dyer, CC ’11

Emily Fisch, BC ’11

Allie Paddock, CC ’10

Sophie Ragir, BC ’10

Michael Seaman, SEAS ’10

Jenny Vallancourt, BC ’11