Grammatically, Nuts4Nuts, a NYC snack food cart chain found most proximately outside the 116th Street Subway, is pretty interesting. “Nuts” has several meanings as an adjective, noun, and verb, and the numerical “4” can be read as “for,” “four,” or even “fore!” if you’re creative enough. Even paring down the options to “for,” nuts (food), and nuts (crazy or crazies), there are still at least three ways to parse the title.

In contrast to its name, Nuts4Nuts has a very simple menu. It offers “honey-roasted nuts,” which in reality are nuts dipped in vats of sugary syrup that caramelizes to form a crispy shell. They taste as good at they smell, although they do tend to be a little too chewy on the inside, rather than crunchy. You can get peanuts, coconuts, almonds, cashews, or a mixed bag, but since peanuts are a dollar and it costs twice as much to get anything else, it’s hard to justify the other options.  Plus, according to Go Ask Alice!(!!!), peanuts are among the most nutritional nuts anyway, so that will slightly offset the copious amounts of sugar you consume.

As they say in the wide, wide world of sports, “it is what it is”– DHI