We weren’t quite sure what to think when the Varsity Show C-team came calling with a request to ask you, dear readers, to tell them how to write this year’s show. Do they really want to expose themselves to netizen ridicule? What good could come of a thread full of ad hominem attacks? But since everyone else seems to be going democratic these days, we thought, might as well foster the effort. Here’s the pitch–try to play nice.

v-showDear Bwog Commenters,

Since many of you whom we may never meet put intelligent thought into criticism and analysis of the Varsity Show, we’d like to solicit your feedback on it for constructive purposes. We feel that there have been Bwog comments in the past that have been good at summating problems with shows succinctly; for example, here’s one from the KCST thread last year that we thought was quite valid.

This is the kind of feedback that interests and affects us.

So, having said that: which Varsity Show of the ones you have seen has been your favorite? Why? What do you like to see in a Varsity Show? What don’t you like to see? What specific things attempted do you think have worked and not worked?  We’re listening, er…reading.


The 114th Annual Varsity Show Creative Team

UPDATE, 10:40 PM: Varsity Show doesn’t actually want you to tell them how to write this year’s show. They sent the following clarification:

“Perhaps we worded this too broadly. We’re looking somewhat more for reactions to things in past years–what people have liked and disliked, specifically in general–than we’re looking for suggestions for this year’s show.”