Breaking News: Hawk Takes Pigeon

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Right this minute, on the lawn in front of John Jay, the hawk that’s been spotted near Lewisohn and the LLC is lunching on a pigeon.  It swooped down and snatched it in dramatic fashion.  Onlookers, please send in your photos and stories.  Bored studiers, please suggest names for our hawk.  Apparently, they’re territorial, so he/she may be around for a while.


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  1. hmmm  

    Someone has to suggest a lame columbia name, so i guess I will. Why not name him Hamilton?

  2. obvious metaphor  

    lets name him 'exams'

  3. I like Ike  

    How about a more hawkish Columbian?

    We could call it Eisenhower, or Dwight D. or just Ike

    Or Teddy, as Theodore Roosevelt was a CULaw Dropout

  4. More Hawkish Still  

    Pierre, as in Pierre LaBranche.

  5. ARR

    I gotta say, that bird is pretty badass.

  6. Nathan  

    someone put on their facebook it was an eagle. I was a little surprised that there would be an eagle in nyc. Hawk makes more sense.

  7. mahmoud  

    mahmoud mahmoud mahmoud mahmoud.

    our own petty and cruel dictator.

  8. dictator

    dont worry the 8 foot menorah will return to scare off the cruel dictator. I heard Bollinger is will be at the lighting on Tuesday night.

  9. How about  


  10. How bout  

    Ichthor, avian deity of pigeon slaughter? If it's female, then Ichthoria.

  11. hmm  

    It needs an honorary drink:

    the red-tail = bottle of red stripe + 1 shot yellow tail, mixed in the gizzard of a pigeon, and shotgunned from its punctured carcass

  12. Well  

    How about Bwack? Bwog could have its very own mascot.

  13. re#14  

    I vote for Hawkmadinejad

  14. Lee Bollinger.  

    similar haircut. equally badass.

  15. I'd call him  

    Stephen. And I know all my fellow nerds are chuckling right now.

  16. concur  

    clearly it must be named Hawkmadinejad.

  17. obviously  

    Hawkmadinejad. Don't even think about disagreeing.

  18. Jay Buhner  

    I'd call him Stephen Ng, so he could be Stephen "Hawk" Ng

  19. another  

    vote for hawkmadinejad. can bwog do a poll?

  20. hahah, yes  

    hawkmadinejad is brilliant. poll, bwog, poll!

  21. I agree  

    Hawkmadinejad. No question. And whoever came up with that...well done.

  22. how about  

    Hunger Striker

  23. john heff

    he's from st john the divine
    ilike ike or hammy

    • Awhile ago  

      Last Thanksgiving I saw a fairly large bird of prey (mighta been this one) perched on the wingtip of the statue of Archangel Michael at the cathedral.

      As it peered down at the suddenly-rodent-free courtyard, a mockingbird dive-bombed out of nowhere and buzzed the damn thing. Left a broken feather sticking out of his back. The hawk didn't even flinch.

  24. 197c  

    is clearly the best choice. 197c.

  25. mike  

    poor columbia pigeons!

  26. alexw  

    I just want the Internet to know that I just received a nasty shock to the head via my iPod headphones.

  27. 10 bucks  

    says the hawk was sent here by Simcha Felder.

  28. YES!  

    that's such a great pic

  29. butler boi  


  30. Alum

    If this is one of the hawks from St. John the Divine then it probably has a name already.

    Then again, I doubt the hawk knows or cares what people call it.

  31. Go Pale Male  

    and scion, it's time to teach this pidgeons a lesson

  32. areacode212

    The hawk was in front of Lewisohn/Earl today at 3:00 munching on a little squirrel, in front of many onlookers. It was awesome. Go hawk!!

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