Word has it a man was shot and killed at Radio Perfecto earlier this evening. Some serious shit definitely transpired: as Bwog passed the bar at 118th and Amsterdam at around 3:45 AM it spotted about a half-dozen police cars, an ambulance, and a camera crew; the block had been cordoned off with police tape and the victim’s body had been taken outside. As the restaurant is across the street from Schermerhorn and only two blocks from Plimpton, Bwog is pretty rattled–sources at the crime scene said that this was a shooting death, but we’ll have more details as they emerge.

Eyewitness account after the jump.

Sent to Bwog at 5:07 AM:

There was (what sounded like) a shooting last night in front of Radio Perfecto, on 119th and amsterdam. I was walking down Amsterdam, and saw a crowd (25+ people) of decidedly non-columbia looking people in front of the bar, (they seemed older than college/grad students, dressed differently, and the crowd was predominantly black, I think). There was a tussle/fight going on which I could hear from 116th street onwards (I was walking up Amsterdam). A bit after, two shots were fired (sounded like a loud, muted ‘pop’, like a tire bursting) and I saw everyone scatter; everyone around immediately started running. I sprinted home, and after a minute (literally) saw ambulances and police cars speeding by with sirens on.