Blue Java Blues

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Thanks to an email from a Bwog tipster, it seems that recent shenanigans at John Jay’s Blue Java Express are coming to an ignominious end.  It appears that the wool has been pulled over one too many Columbian’s eyes, as this tipster put an end to recent Blue Java trickery…


Bwog Editors,

I thought those caffeine-charged, cost-conscious Columbians like myself might want to know: Housing and Dining has been overcharging students for several weeks now on coffee purchased at the John Jay Blue Java Express.

I recently noticed that their large-size cups were actually medium-size, but I still was being debited the large-size price. Despite adamant denials from Blue Java employees that my smaller cups were anything other than full-sized, 20-ounce tankards of coffee, I took my case to H&D administrators.

Yesterday I finally received notice that my suspicions were correct: I have been paying more for less. Fortunately, H&D has pledged to fix the problem, and I did indeed see 20-oz. cups for sale — as advertised — at the John Jay Blue Java Express this morning.

– Jon Hill

CC ’11

See the tipster’s swashbuckling and heroic save of large coffee cups after the jump!

To sir or madam –

I have noticed that the paper coffee cups sold at the John Jay residence hall Blue Java Express do not match the size of cups sold elsewhere on campus.

At locations like Ferris Booth and the Butler Library Blue Java, the biggest cups available hold 20 ounces and are sold under the “large” label. If I order the same size cup — a “large” — at the Blue Java Express, however, I receive a smaller cup holding only 16 ounces.  This seems strange to me, since this type of cup is normally sold at other campus cafés as the “medium” size.

Because I have noticed this size discrepancy occurring repeatedly, and because I have been assured by Blue Java Express staff that the 16 ounce cup is indeed the largest available at that location, I wish to know whether cup sizes do vary between locations.

If so, why does Housing and Dining not keep a standard sizing policy for all its campus venues? If this size discrepancy is an oversight, how soon might Housing and Dining be able to stock the appropriate cups at the John Jay Blue Java?

Thank you for your time and attention,

– Jonathan Hill

CC ’11

Bwog begs to ask, how could the Butler weary ever survive without their 20 ouncer instead of a mere 16 ounce cup of joe?

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  1. WTF

    This is currency debasement!!!! HYPERINFLATION IS NEXT!!!

  2. blue java  

    is fucked up. Go Pinnacle or M2M for coffee.

  3. anon  

    212 also overcharges for tea. The price said it was .75 but the charge was 1.35. weird

  4. mmmm  

    yay jon! you've saved us all!

  5. Ferris Booth  

    is doing it too! The scoundrels!

  6. john jay  

    newsflash! the meals in john jay are expensive, but taste terrible!

    oh wait, thats not news at all. just columbia continuing to exploit the students it doesn't care about. thanks columbia!

  7. change  

    that's it? they are changing it? no money back? no free blue java day?

    And I thought free trade coffee meant it was included in our tuition.

  8. large coffee  

    at hamdel is $1.25. get off campus a half-block, you morons

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