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Harry and the PottersColumbia inexplicably fails to put a front-page story on their website about Vampire Weekend.

Meanwhile, Spec takes the low road and calls a Barnard swipe story “Easy Access.”

Further downtown, it turns out that the guy from Harry and the Potters has nothing interesting to say.

Community Board 9 is up in arms about a campus expansion — City College’s! Tricked you.

Of course, there’s never been a day when Columbia wasn’t evicting some strange old man. In this case, he was subletting to large numbers of students. Choice quote: he can’t move, he has “wallpaper all over the place!”

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  1. maged  

    hits it right on the head. our small, tight-knit, slightly incestuous campus music scene is making good music, and we want to share it. Many times we try, and CU shows no interest or slaps us across the face (Glass House Rocks). We are working really hard to breathe more life into the music scene around here, even if we don't have the administration's help.

    In summation: support your campus bands!

  2. City College?  

    How dare they?! HUNGER-FUCKING- STRIKE. There are systems of colonial-era oppression at work here. You would understand if you weren't ignorant.

    Manhattanville is totally cool though.

  3. CCNY

    What? No room for a Kamau Kambon Student Center? Sounds like Charles Barron is gonna' have to make another trip uptown to resolve this latest injustice.

  4. fyi  

    the swipe editorial isn't simply about barnard...

  5. Alum

    From the "City College Expansion Plans" article:

    "Others took issue with aspects of the expansion plan itself, such as the demolishment of centuries-old trees and a running track that used to be open for community use."

    Since when is "demolishment" a word? Also, the trees and the running track are on the CCNY campus. Is it really an "expansion" when a college builds within its existing boundaries? Is Barnard expanding its campus by building the Nexus?

  6. Why  

    do both of the guys in the picture look as though they are dressed like Alex Statman?

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