Did you know the Spectator editors have a blog? Well, they do! And they have selected a winner! Apparently, Spec conducted a completely necessary survey to examine the relationship between Bwog and Spec, among other things. Some findings? For one thing, we do, in fact have a relationship. “Though its effects haven’t been researched, Bwog’s QuickSpec seems to help our paper (and possibly Bwog?) reach readers and stimulate dialogue about the content and presentation itself of the news we cover,” explained EIC Tom Faure. In other words, QuickSpecs… help. Spec? Maybe Bwog. In some way. Probably.

Participants in the survey were automatically entered into a lottery, the winner of which received standby-Columbia-free-prize an iPod. Bwog caught up with John Gardner, the lucky winner, to get a sense of what life was like pre-iPod and now. “Like most Columbians, I’ve had only one dream over the last 3+ years: to make headlines in the Spec. Is there anything else worthwhile at Columbia? And yet I had all but given up hope. Then I go and fill out a little survey and Spec puts my name in Ahmadinejad-size font on the website and gives me a new iPod to boot!”

Everyone’s a winner here! Spec, Bwog, the statisticians, John Gardner, and most of all Steve Jobs.