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Keepin it Real Estate: Part Two

And so the plot thickens. It seems our maiden brownstone had not two but four suitors: Delta Sig, AXO, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and Fiji. 

Each of the four had applied to occupy the space, a process which included explaining what they intend to do with the house, how their occupation within said house would improve campus life, how their theoretical new living situation would incorporate philanthropy, etc.  “I somehow doubt that DeltSig put beer pong on their ‘what you intend to do with the house’ document,” retorted one Greek regarding DSP’s victory. The applications were presented to committees of students and administrators, but ultimately the final decision rested with Dean Sholleberger.

AXO also received endorsement letters from 5 of the 8 InterFraternity fraternities that weren’t running and 2 of the 3 Panhellenic sororities, according to our source. AXO also felt that their application had a better shot than most (and certainly than DeltSig’s) because their charter mandates that all AXO property to be alcohol-free.

“We weren’t ever promised the house, but we did feel like we had the strongest application,” said the source. “However, we didn’t donate any money to Columbia either, and gossip sure points to DeltaSig dumping a lot of money.”


Completely unsubstantiated gossip… or scandal? Let us know! Email, anonymity guaranteed. 

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  • for the record says:

    @for the record A transparent selection process was in place consisting of students and administrators who decided based on an objective set of standards articulated in advance. Is it not possible that Delta Sig was simply the most appropriate choice? Suggesting that something unseemly occurred here would be warranted if Delta Sig was grossly unfit and unqualified to occupy the brownstone. And that simply is not the case.

  • lakjdf says:

    @lakjdf what is this? the upper west side gossip girl?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous money buys admission, brownstones, and a shitload of overpriced columbia gear. power of the purse my friends

  • OK fine says:

    @OK fine So for all the DeltaSigs and sympathizers posting, you just have to understand that there are underlying questions as to how legitimate the process of selection was. A family has given a lot of money to the university in the past, has a family member on the Board of Trustees, and it wouldn’t be a far cry for this guy to want his son’s fraternity to have a good experience here… and what better way than for them to get the brownstone during his son’s presidency.

    DeltaSig indeed did nothing wrong, on the surface, but at places like Columbia it’s always what happens behind the scenes. I just wish people were making these connections while the Zetes were in the process of losing their house.

    1. Fine OK says:

      @Fine OK “at places like Columbia…”

      Actually I’m willing to bet it happens at a lot of places.

      And is it this milstein?

    2. lame says:

      @lame you obviously don’t know this family if you think that they would ever do that. So please stop talking like you know them.

      1. completely says:

        @completely agreed

  • Hey says:

    @Hey Hey Bwog, why can’t I comment?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous I think that all of us in the Greek community should be happy that the house stayed within our community in the first place. CU could have easily turned it into grad housing or an office space like they did with the old Fiji house.

    It’s got to be a tough call with so many great chapters that have been around for so long. The decision process was secretive, and understandably so. If everybody knew which students were on the housing decision board, I cannot imagine the types of bribes that would take place.

  • wow says:

    @wow way to fling accusations with 0 evidence backing them up. delta sig did nothing wrong in this process, so stop insinuating that they did.

  • hmm says:

    @hmm wow JNW, biased much?

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous please change that pic though its freaking me out

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous whats the name of our undergraduate library, again? just sayin’…

  • get facts right says:

    @get facts right first of all, there were 9 organizations that applied for the house.

    The rules of the housing board specifically stated that there were to be no endorsement letters, so if AXO submitted them, they were probably disregarded because no one else was allowed to have them. endorsement letters are easily given pre-written and signed and really mean nothing.

    axo has strong merits but delta sig does as well, and i think that has to be kept in mind.

    1. yeah says:

      @yeah Yeah get your facts right. At least get the correct spelling of the Dean’s name and leave delta sig alone. They worked hard for the house and others didn’t take it as serious. Maybe AXO shouldn’t have planned on getting the house.

  • fuckthisshit says:

    @fuckthisshit Bwog, two articles about this shit between axo and dsp? Let them fucking enjoy their house in peace.

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