And so the plot thickens. It seems our maiden brownstone had not two but four suitors: Delta Sig, AXO, Lambda Phi Epsilon, and Fiji. 

Each of the four had applied to occupy the space, a process which included explaining what they intend to do with the house, how their occupation within said house would improve campus life, how their theoretical new living situation would incorporate philanthropy, etc.  “I somehow doubt that DeltSig put beer pong on their ‘what you intend to do with the house’ document,” retorted one Greek regarding DSP’s victory. The applications were presented to committees of students and administrators, but ultimately the final decision rested with Dean Sholleberger.

AXO also received endorsement letters from 5 of the 8 InterFraternity fraternities that weren’t running and 2 of the 3 Panhellenic sororities, according to our source. AXO also felt that their application had a better shot than most (and certainly than DeltSig’s) because their charter mandates that all AXO property to be alcohol-free.

“We weren’t ever promised the house, but we did feel like we had the strongest application,” said the source. “However, we didn’t donate any money to Columbia either, and gossip sure points to DeltaSig dumping a lot of money.”


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