Saturday Morning Revival

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Need a study break? Put down the text and feast your eyes on these Saturday morning classics.

It’s Saturday morning and if you want a slow start to your day, you’ve come to the right web address.   Today on Bwog, we do a tribute to our Technicolor friends of yesteryear. Yes that’s right – today we spotlight the superheroes of Saturday morning cartoons. Before you delve into an afternoon with Lacan and Lit theory at Bulter, take this special opportunity to reconnect and reminisce.  We offer some of classic clips and theme songs. Indeed, this is a humble collection and if we have forgotten any of your personal favorites, please let us know!

We start with Doug.  What was a Saturday morning without Doug?  As an eleven year old, I was delighted by Doug and his awkward hang-ups. His characteristic croaky voice and quivering smile situate him as Charlie Brown’s 1990s doppelganger. His not-so secret crush on Patti Mayonaisse is perhaps his most endearing quality.  Nearly every episode finds Doug in some terribly embarrassing situation that tests his integrity.  But Patti sticks with him despite all his sixth-grade social faux pas.   Here’s a link to an episode!

Perhaps less endearing than Doug, Arnold of “Hey Arnold”, however, still wins the loyalty and friendship of many cartoon watchers.  But it is Helga who steals the show.  Helga is as remarkable in character as she is in appearance.  Her ridiculous yellow pigtails channel Pippi Longstocking, while her striking black uni-brow reminds of Frida Kahlo. And it was none other than Helga who gave Arnold the memorable epithet, “Football Head.” Click here if you want more Hey Arnold nostalgia!

For many of cartoons, the adage “power in numbers” applies.  The motley crew on Recess is definitely the most diverse, if not memorable, group of elementary schoolers I know.  The group is comprised of six members – Vince, the kickball king, Gretchen, the gangly brainiac, Gus, a tentative hero-in-the-making, Spinelli, a no nonsense tomboy, Mikey, a gentle giant and poet, and T.J. the group’s husky voiced ring-leader.  Click here for more!

This list concludes with Pepper Ann.  With her fiery red ponytail and signature yellow polka-dotted skirt, Pepper Ann is a certainly a fire-cracker.   The show’s theme song says it all, “Who’s that girl? What’s her name? Is she cool? Is she lame? Oh, you’re talkin’ ‘bout what’s her name… Pepper Ann! Pepper Ann!…”   Here’s a link:




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  1. YES  

    These cartoons were sooo good!

  2. omg

    One Saturday Morning! I rarely got up in time to watch it though.

  3. Stephen Schwelp  

    Doug was best when voiced by Billy West. A Doug-Futurama crossover episode would completely mess with the minds of blind people.

  4. Anonymous  

    Doug was easily the most boring protagonist ever imagined. The only good things about that show were the 3 musical numbers, and the episode where Doug's sister tries to make her family interesting for her boyfriend (There's a bomb in the lasagna, Oh my writer's block, etc.).

    The rest of them are good though. Also, I'm not sure all the Nicktoons ever ran on Saturday mornings when Doug was on, although I do recall some Ren and Stimpy, so I could be wrong. The new Doug (i.e. the crappy high school version which was canceled after a season) was on Saturday morning though.

  5. ummm  

    "We start with Doug. What was a Saturday morning with Doug?"
    No, my dear, the question is, what was a Saturday morning WITHOUT Doug? Now that should make you think...

  6. OMG!

    I had (and continue to have) an enduring crush on "football head."

    Arnold, you're too good for Helga! Call me!

  7. Elna  

    You are forgetting X-Men, Conan the Adventurer and King Arthur and the Knights of Justice.

  8. Ted Turner  

    What about Captain Planet?

  9. what about  

    biker mice from mars? now that shit is where it was at.

  10. but wait...  

    what about the weekenders???

  11. ewww  

    weekenders was bad

    their theme song gave me a headache. didn't wayne brady sing it?

  12. i love this post

    hey arnold was teh best w/mr. ngyun and his pig wilbur and helga's overdramatic columbia undergradesque writings...also geraldsfield. awesome.

    doug was hilariously sad because while others were getting some in high school, his entire buildup was to a senior year kiss

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