Clark Kent is a Columbia Facilities Worker

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Tipster Jason Patinkin relays to Bwog the following story: Apparently a man at the 116th subway stop fainted of what was perceived to be a heart attack or a stroke. The man tumbled off the platform and landed on the uptown track. Subway patrons waiting on the platform began yelling, and one ran upstairs to tell the MTA employees working in the booth on the ground level what had happened.

Suddenly, a Columbia facilities worker—identifiable as such because of the logo on his blue jacket—jumped down from the into the tracks and traversed the third rail and started to hoist the fallen man off the track. With help from those standing on the platform, the unconscious man was lifted up to safety, and the facilities worker sprinted across the tracks to the downtown side, “because he’s that awesome.” The entire subway platform burst into applause.

“A hero walks in our midst,” writes Patinkin.  

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  1. GAHHH!  

    PATINKIN! not patankin! geez

  2. the grammarian

    I don't think you can "traverse across" something.

  3. i think there's

    a word missing somewhere which made his sprinting a bit confusing...

  4. wow  

    that's really cool. you nitpickers need to chill on the word choice/ grammar complaints and just enjoy a good tale of heroism -- I needed this to get me through a paper that's due in a couple of hours. thanks bwog

  5. okay  

    So I guess while #2 and 3 grow old and die alone knitting on a rocking chair surrounded by cats, the rest of us could give props to this man's phenomenal courage & selflessness?

  6. #6 again  

    posted at the same time as 5

  7. ...  

    knowing columbia, they'll probably fire him for wearing his uniform off the clock.

  8. Max

    The third rail is on the far side of the tracks, farthest from the platform. Not sure why he'd have to cross it. Either way, very brave.

  9. I think...

    ...the man fell from the uptown platform and the facilities worker came across from the downtown platform to help.

  10. well

    CU Facilities Worker for Class Day Speaker!

    • 1231231  

      I think this is a very decent suggestion. Does anyone else feel that CUFacilities workers are under-appreciated? There's this mutual but awkward acknowledgment between students and workers - like they're just MEANT to serve us, and it doesn't help that most of them are Hispanic/African American.

      I think we should show them that we care.

      Maybe something like a CU Facilities Employee Award, similar to Best LitHum professor award kinda thing?

      • nope...

        While some CUF workers are willing to go above and beyond (and I appreciate that), there are some who do the minimum possible and take offense when you call them out on it. Why is our stove still broken after multiple maintenance requests?

        • 123123133  

          But suppose the workers had an incentive to work? Suppose this incentive was some award, some recognition, maybe a small bonus?

          Many facilities workers do not care to work hard because they are disonnected from us. I don't blame them. It's really weird when some of these people cleaning are maybe 25, 26, and we're only 20 or so. I wish I could speak to them sometimes, but there's an unspoken taboo against this.

          Why not dispel it?

          • taboo?  

            I've always talked to the Facilities people on my floors. And the one for my office is great, too. If you want to talk to Facilities people, talk to them -- they're not Untouchables.

          • the porters

            if you are talking about the "porters" who do day-to-day cleaning and sometimes relamping, they are all very very nice and absolutely good people to be friends with when you need a little extra cleaning, etc

            then there are the "heavy cleaners" who do spot cleaning, etc

            then outside of custodial, you have mechanics, electricians, carpenters, etc (with multiple grades of each), and i think ~4-5 bonded locksmith. these are good people to know. particularly when you need your lock changed and don't want to pay the $50 fee.

          • yeesh

            "But suppose the workers had an incentive to work? Suppose this incentive was some award, some recognition, maybe a small bonus?"

            I'm sure you didn't mean it this way, but that sounds so incredibly condescending, like we should hold a "The Office" style awards ceremony for them and slip em a twenty for a job well done.

            They don't want your charity. Just some respect. Acknowledgment isn't an employee of the month frame in the sub-basement of EC, but saying hello to them in the hallway, throwing a smile at them when you pass them on college walk.

            The really telling part of your comment is your mention of the "taboo." Seriously? What the hell is wrong with you?

  11. props to him

    nitpicking grammar folks. seriously stfu for once.

    but, yea the third rail is on the far side of the track right? so the man falling down probably didn't cross the third rail right? but the cu facility worker going uptown had to cross about three third rails? if so that is ballsy amazing. i hope he was like an electrician or something and new what he was doing or else the man is amazingly luck.

    in conclusion, awesome work. that guy deserves a fruit basket from lee bollinger for his hard work.

  12. good thing  

    the 1 train never comes. he probably had 15 minutes.

    still braver than i.

  13. nytimes

    Unrelated, but interesting article about transgender students at women's colleges (e.g. Barnard):

  14. I believe

    every CUF worker is at least to some extent like the Janitor on Scrubs. Respect them, or you may face the wrath of a dozen squirrel army battalions.

  15. ?DD  

    hmmm, what's this...

    unveiled one week ago at low library.

  16. derps  

    Bwog, there was a front page story on the Times, highlighted from the Magazine, about Rey, the transmale student from Barnard who transferred to GS this past fall. I think you and the Spec wrote about her then, but this new article is worth mentioning here.

  17. anonymous

    Once he/she knew that he/she didn't want to be a woman anymore, a women's college suddenly sounded like a bad idea...

    • Hmm  

      I'm not sure that's entirely accurate. A close friend from Smith spoke to me at length, a year ago, about the trans community there. Apparently it was a super supportive environment. I think the problem is that perhaps Barnard does not have the queer/genderqueer community that Smith or Wellesley has.

  18. 222222222  

    Because Barnard is a bunch of women who want to suck Columbia !!!!!.

  19. 456456456

    But suppose the workers had an incentive to work? Suppose this incentive was some payment, perhaps awarded on a schedule? Let's call this scheduled bonus a "salary".

    Crazy I know; doing what you get paid to do...

  20. man

    that guy rocks. hell yeah.

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