Tipster Jason Patinkin relays to Bwog the following story: Apparently a man at the 116th subway stop fainted of what was perceived to be a heart attack or a stroke. The man tumbled off the platform and landed on the uptown track. Subway patrons waiting on the platform began yelling, and one ran upstairs to tell the MTA employees working in the booth on the ground level what had happened.

Suddenly, a Columbia facilities worker—identifiable as such because of the logo on his blue jacket—jumped down from the into the tracks and traversed the third rail and started to hoist the fallen man off the track. With help from those standing on the platform, the unconscious man was lifted up to safety, and the facilities worker sprinted across the tracks to the downtown side, “because he’s that awesome.” The entire subway platform burst into applause.

“A hero walks in our midst,” writes Patinkin.