DJ Tanner Endorses Experience Columbia

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DJ Tanner, the Pike-based hip-hop group comprised of Peter Capraro SEAS ’09 and Michael Kosdan SEAS ’09, has just released “The Experience,” in which DJ T thoroughly reps Krebs and company, citing, among other things, their fresh tattoos and an ability to rock gold hearts like ice cubes. While you can hear the tune here, Bwog recommends watching the video, where you can see a series of goofy photographs of Capraro and the Experience crew, none of which is more amusing than the black and white mugshot of VP Policy candidate Adil Ahmed, pictured above. Bwog wonders, should the Kitchen Cabinet be expecting a phone call from Alidad?

– Justin Goncalves

Full message and video after the jump.

“introducing the first ever CCSC campaign rap…

for those of you out there that are able to let your voice be heard, its time you got with the Experience Columbia crew. Talkin bout the typa cats that wear sincerity like fresh tattoos, and rock virtue like new shoes and gold hearts like ice cubes.

the crew:

the song:

the show:

spread the word. show some love. make it happen.



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  1. djt

    djt salivation for all the frustration brought about by whack rappers and their thug corporations

  2. impressive  

    for a ccsc rap, that was actually pretty good!!

  3. wtf  

    there's no way i'm voting for them to represent columbia.

    compare their silliness with this:

    Who's going to take their jobs more seriously?

    • maybe  

      The problem is with people who take themselves too seriously...what, you think Experience would get elected and then spend the whole meeting rapping, laughing, and watching YouTube?

    • CC 08  

      I'm graduating so I don't even care, but I'm now much more interested in this group than I could ever be in the opponents to whose video you linked.

    • DJ Tanner  

      to #3: As swell as a video connect columbia has, the level of sincerity these folks have to offer seems on par with actors hired for late night infomercials to say how much happiness the Jaqueline Juicer will bring you. Frankly, your video offered everything I would have expected from a CCSC campaign video. One of the experience's platforms is that they want to run things differently, starting with the campaign. True the rap may be in jest and you may find it irrelevant. But personally i find trite stories of passionate students coming together to form friendships dubbed over montages of skipping and laughing on lerner ramps even less pertinent and remarkably even sillier. At least the rap shows were moving away from all that...

      to #6: George and all of the experience are people who get shit done. in recent news, george is responsible for getting flex off campus, something that has been promised by EVERY person running for any position since freshman year. more importantly, he'll actually listen to the student body and work to get shit done that people actually care about...

      to #9: I think you are the first person ever to make that connection.

      to #10: if the experience is elected, the student body will get as many rap songs as they desire.

      to #1: truth. thanks mittens.

  4. justification  

    for me to vote Experience. Not only does Krebs have a better platform, but his video proves that he doesn't have a stick up his ass. Look at Alidad speak in his video: definition of a tool

  5. shocked  

    this is the saddest shit i have ever seen.

  6. Max

    Did anyone else think Full House when they read this?

  7. whats that  

    about the kitchen cabinet?

  8. pretty good?  

    sarcasm? wtf?

  9. ...  

    this is proof that the office of multicultural affairs has failed in it's mission. white-hop is never okay, and they have failed to educate the masses about this very dangerous and insidious phenomenon.

  10. yeah  

    Class of 09 council has dropped the ball a bunch this year...think casino night--the main thing they're supposed to do had to be passed off to the sophomores, junior semi formal was at havana (all others were at low), etc. At least they take their friends to knicks games.

  11. Hey tanner  

    What do you answer to 14?

    • Who cares?  

      Who cares about a casino night and semi that no one goes to?

      Krebs is responsible for off campus flex, something that will actually impact the student body in the long run.

      • if they can't  

        handle casino night and semi formal, how well will they handle lerner pub? 40s on 40? choosing a class day speaker? and krebs is certainly not responsible for off campus flex. he was in the right place at the right time. see the coments linked to by #16.

        • Judge  

          the whole party, not it's ticket. Adil Ahmed = ex Prez of the MSA, bringer-together of different groups and communities. I think he heads the Multi-faith council too, or is at least an active member.
          Laura Doan = President of Rotaract, a community service organization.

          These are people who have contributed in real ways to their community, and have experience event-planning. I think Alidad's ticket is excellent too, but I think it's absurd that people are making judgments on the basis of a humorous video. It's like voting for Obama based on the Obama-girl video

        • Mark Johnson  

          I'm proud to say that our council works hard and lately, as I've been taking on an even stronger role on student council, we've been moving forward on a lot of great projects like our upcoming class dinner, discounted class ring sales study break, buying out a movie theater CC09 for an end of the year movie outing, the very great and large Art of Community Campaign-which I'm the co-director of, and of course our 2nd annual class BBQ. So keep looking forward to our projects for the rest of the semester, and look forward to next year because great things are coming!!

          • and...

            it appears that mark johnson needs to track his comments...he is both 27 and 28. nice try though. you "saw mark johnson at the meetings" because you are mark johnson! i'm glad you're "kinda impressed" by yourself.

          • mark johnson  

            HAHA you are an idiot sir

          • Mark Johnson  


            My bad. I'm still getting used to Bwog. But seriously, if any one has any serious comments or concerns with student council email me or we can meet and talk, working for my class is really important to me.

            And yeah, I am kinda impressed with myself, as should every student leader who balances classes with working in their respective groups to make Columbia better.

            *And I was at every Casino Night meeting and Glass House Rocks meeting.

          • ya...  

            You were the only person at all of the Casino Night meetings from CC'09... but the mark of a leader is being able to inspire those working with them... CC'10 not only had Sue & AJ working hard but their entire council was a part of the effort........ You and George just didn't......

            I do hope you win this election... I pretty much feel bad for the fact that you have done all of George's bitchwork for 2 years... you deserve your time to shine but I'm scared about what a George CCSC would be like

      • ok comment #19  

        [ external link to ]

        please refer to comment #14 onwards.

  12. tkc says  

    The Kitchen Cabinet is non-partisan but can be bought with wine.

    or cute people.

    or witty American History references.

  13. Anon  

    That video/rap was actually kind of great...and since I don't otherwise give a shit about CCSC, it won my vote!

  14. SEAS  

    that was fucking great

  15. well...  

    cc'09 did drop the ball a bit on casino night this year, but i saw mark johnson at the meetings. though he did do much till the night of. on the formal...CC09 is the first class to even have a junior year formal. there's never one usually because so many people end up studying abroad, so-havana central or not-i'm kinda impressed that they were willing to pull it off.

  16. But..

    what about felipe tarud? i heard he was staying a fifth year.

  17. lame  


  18. ExperienceColumbia

    People like you shouldn't be allowed to comment because you do not understand what it means to plan events. When massive groups of students come together to plan an event such as Casino Night, no one is EVER on the same page, and as result someone always gets blamed for something. ESC has this notion that they are far superior to CCSC even though they are internally elected and the SEAS population would have NEVER voted for the incoming ESC E-Board. It is my view that ESC might have complained a little about how they did all the work AGAIN. In regards to booking Low, this is almost impossible unless you plan way ahead, a task which is tough to do when half the junior class may or may not be studying abroad.

    In regards to taking themselves seriously, ESC takes themselves VERY seriously, but when was the last time you witnessed an ESC E-Board member on campus, meeting engineers and asking how they were doing? I see George Krebs do this all the time, there's a reason that people like him, it's because he cares.

    What we need on this campus are revolutionary leaders, ones who will fight the administration and all of it's useless and bureaucratic nonsense. No one in student council can ever count an accomplishment on their because so many people work on it.

    Therefore, it is most wise to choose the most friendly, open-minded candidate.

    Inhale to the Chief.

    • ...

      Actually, since CC'09 dropped the ball so badly, CC'10 was forced to pick up the slack. If you actually went to Casino Night you would have noticed that all the people working and staffing that were from 2010. It has been tradition for the juniors to take charge of that event but George simply dropped the ball on that one. His council was so disorganized that they couldn't muster enough volunteers to adequately work that event. It has nothing to do with ESC taking themselves seriously.

      And when you say "In regards to booking Low, this is almost impossible unless you plan way ahead"...... this shows how clearly intoxicated you are with George's mediocrity... every other class council semi-formal this entire year was either in Low or Roone Aldridge... do you know why? Because they planned ahead!!! That's what responsible leaders on council do.

      George is too busy schmoozing and getting you to think he's a nice guy to actually work. Take for instance the Mac and Cheese study break he hosted next to the College Dems Elections result watch party.

      He had Mark and Mallorry from his council show up an hour ahead of the event to set up. He didn't ever come to help them out. Even when the event started, he didn't help them pass out the food. He got there a little late and started talking and hanging out with the people there. Leadership is not about schmoozing.

    • Holy shit  

      ExperienceColumbia just lost all my respect.

      First off, when planning a big event, it is the responsibility of the pointpeople/persons (class of 2009 in the case of Casino night) to make sure everyone knows what is going on. Failing to do this is the only reason why anyone would not be on the same page.

      Secondly, why is the ESC even brought up? It is ridiculous to justify failure on one event with the claim that CCSC 2009 does more to connect with students than the ESC E-Board. Admit you dropped the ball, learn from it and do it better/right the nest time around. Don't go looking for scapegoats.

      And finally, anyone can say they want to cut out "useless and bureaucratic nonsense", but how will ExperienceColumbia or the other party for that matter go about doing this? There needs to be a plan, a list of concrete objectives and no more of this populist bullshit.

      Therefore, choose the "most friendly, open-minded candidate". Just make sure they're going to do the things they say they will.

      • more shit  

        Also, no student brought Flex off-campus. It was a result of a $10 million upgrade to the current CUID system that removed the SSN # that was encrypted in the old cards. Give the credit to the administration on this one. Some of them actually do have the student's interest in mind.

        Just please stop saying 'John Doe' brought Flex off-campus, because it is a lie.

        • while i'm on a role  

          Blaming the failure of CCSC 2009 on not pre-calendaring because "half the junior class may or may not be studying abroad" is a lie. There is a max of around 15-20% of the student body studying abroad at any given time spread out among all four years.

          I also find it hilarious that Mark Johnson commented on his own post. See comments #27 and #28.

  19. hmmm...  

    straw poll: who actually cares about the existence of Casino Night?

  20. alidad  

    if i am elected, EVERY NIGHT shall be casino night!

  21. on snap

    32 got you there, 31!

  22. John Doe  

    Actually, I did bring Flex off campus. Want to fight about it?

  23. ccsc 09  

    as someone who has been on council for the last two years (and is not running on either ticket), i can tell you that george has run around and done all of the leg work for the '09 council. george is big on the scene in meeting people, but does all of the behind the scenes work as well. i know from two years of working with him, which beats the hell out of your perspective

  24. Mark Johnson  

    With holding maybe a couple of slip ups, I can say that there are very few people on CC'09 Class council that don't work very hard. All of us give a lot our time and energy to working on council and council projects. Its one of the reasons I'm proud to be CC'09

  25. no Mark  

    no you weren't Mark Johnson, we had to CALL you to get you out of bed for a few casino night meetings.

  26. clg  

    speaking as kitchen cabinet's resident anarchist/apathist, my musical endorsement would go to whoever paid me the most. but tkc works as a whole, so like my bandmate above stated: wine, hotties, and history references are all acceptable. call us today - before it's too late!

  27. mj is a slacker  

    prish said so himself at every single meeting.

    maybe if mark johnson shouldered some responsibility -- like he was supposed to -- the entire committee wouldn't hate him.

  28. Alidad  

    Offers Columbia hope. A chance for a better tomorrow. His reforms will ensure a better Columbia for us and future graduates. He will also work to build consensus, something we sorely need in today's troubled times.

  29. lowdown  

    Bottom line.

    Alidad is a tool - but he will get shit done

    George- is a schmoozer ( who may be nice) but I dont think will get shit done. He dropped the ball with flex etcetc.

    Mark- Also a schmoozer. Wants the title, too bad no one worthwile is actually running against him...

  30. ccsc 09 kid  

    i think flex off campus is proof enough that george makes a commitment and follows through on things. seeing that program through sounds like "getting shit done" to me.

  31. actually...

    George had nothing to do with making flex happen. You should read Josh Hirschland's article in the spec if you're curious about it.

    Flex is happening because Columbia got rid of its old IDs that had students' social security numbers on them. This decision was made in 2004 before any of the candidates even went here. By changing the IDs there was no longer a security threat to students identities.

    If anything, George stalled the process this year due to his laziness in the Fall. Peter Valereis was the main drivng force from the student council side on this.

    I think it's funny how one of George's platform points is "humility" but then he talks to reporters and has a front page quote in the spec saying this entire 5-year initiative was "his baby"........ talk about a hypocrit.

  32. getting sick of this  

    comment #14 onwards:

    AND the recent spec article:

    George has taken TOO MUCH CREDIT for flex off campus.

  33. no one  

    worthwhile running against him? Ummm...Colin Drummond!

  34. hey TKC!  

    Juicy Campus says that The Kitchen Cabinet is secretly rigging the whole CCSC election.

    Their power is infinite!

  35. yeah  

    The LE:MON party sounds much better than Mark. I'm definitely voting for them.

    They seem rational at least.

  36. and they  

    have a sorta funny campaign game!

  37. umm  

    its easy to criticize what people have done, and not what people have not done. nor colin or jason have any experience with council or with handling class events, ect. i wouldn't want them to be elected only to have to wait for them to figure out how to do everything. at least everyone on fusion has council experience. and even though mark may be a bit of a douche, he's working with mallory carr and some other people that i'm friends with that i know do a lot for council.

    • Jason  

      While we have not been on CCSC, that by no means indicates that we have zero experience with council or with handling class events. Colin Drummond has been very active with numerous major theater productions, including helping organize much of the V-show last year. He'll also be hosting Relay for Life in the coming weeks. With EarthCo., I have organized Earth Week events for three years as of later this month, which included campus wide concerts. Last year I also worked closely with Alidad to help write and pass two big environmental resolutions for CCSC, and have worked countless hours with administrators on various campus projects. Colin Felsman, finally, is quite active in Model UN. So no, we haven't been on CCSC, very few people do so, but that doesn't mean we have no experience working with other students or administrators on major campus events.

      • CC'09  

        I still think that if you're going to run to lead Senior Class Council you might want to do it for a reason better than it being "more feasible" than running against George or Alidad, which is what Colin told the Spec when he decided to run for Senior Class Council. It looks like they couldn't get enough people in time to make up a ticket to run for executive, which they said they were before, so just decided to run for something else. That doesn't really show commitment to serving your class. Do you even know who our class adviser is, or is that going to be part of your learning period for if you get elected?

        At least the Fusion Party has people with relevant experience and commitment to serving their class.

        No games, just leadership.

  38. Newsflash  

    Hey CCSC-ers! Every organization has its own internal drama; nobody in the general student population really cares who did or didn't do what!

  39. off topic, but  

    Adil Ahmed is a sexy beast. yowzaaa....

  40. Mark  

    That wasn't mean to be anonymous. I wrote that as a Junior in the college. I want Senior year to be great and I feel that the Fusion Party, including myself, are the only ones that have what it takes to make sure that happens. The Fusion Party is committed to the '09 council. We've shown that.

    *And yes I've learned my lesson with the tracking of comments and such. I just assumed it would be tracked.*

  41. Embarrassing  

    For the good of your campaign, please stop posting on BWOG..

  42. Alidad  

    is really wonderful. He understands what Columbia needs and will work hard with his talented team to achieve the school's needs. He really is a hard worker. He also comes from a background that is cosmopolitan so diversity is one of his priorities. He cannot disown Columbia just like he cannot disown his own grandmother.

  43. Mark Johnson

    I am sooooo committed to the senior class! That's why I was on CCSC probation for dropping the ball so many times, failed to pull off any major events for the whole class, and continue to take credit for things. But hey I've been on student council for two years and that shows that I am committed to the class.

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