DJ Tanner, the Pike-based hip-hop group comprised of Peter Capraro SEAS ’09 and Michael Kosdan SEAS ’09, has just released “The Experience,” in which DJ T thoroughly reps Krebs and company, citing, among other things, their fresh tattoos and an ability to rock gold hearts like ice cubes. While you can hear the tune here, Bwog recommends watching the video, where you can see a series of goofy photographs of Capraro and the Experience crew, none of which is more amusing than the black and white mugshot of VP Policy candidate Adil Ahmed, pictured above. Bwog wonders, should the Kitchen Cabinet be expecting a phone call from Alidad?

– Justin Goncalves

Full message and video after the jump.

“introducing the first ever CCSC campaign rap…

for those of you out there that are able to let your voice be heard, its time you got with the Experience Columbia crew. Talkin bout the typa cats that wear sincerity like fresh tattoos, and rock virtue like new shoes and gold hearts like ice cubes.

the crew:

the song:

the show:

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