As Bwog blossoms into an around-the-clock Morningside Heights bird-related news source, we present you with two stories of from the cold-hearted avian world.

First, news of a hawk kill. Alex Weinberg reports that around 11 this morning, Hawkmadinejad “swooped down and ruined a squirrel in front of Avery.” Awesome.

Hawkmadinejad photo, at right, by Alexandra Tsakopoulos.

Meet a very special goose after the jump!

While Hawkmadinejad wreaks his raptor’s terror all over campus, a lonely goose is pestering ducks down in Morningside Park. He has been lurking in corners of the pond for the past month or so, when his migratory flock abandoned him on account of his gimpy left wing. A new flock is passing through the park, but has largely rejected him, even as he tries to teach them his (rarely successful) strategy for bullying the ducks.

This goose is so awkward! When he hesitantly fights the ducks for bread, he loses. Small children point at him. Typically tranquil city dogs on leashes charge at him. College students photograph him like he’s some kind of freak. He is!

Because I have so thoroughly anthropomorphized him, I call him Goose Man. Any suggestions for a new name are welcome. Will this goose prove as popular as Hawkmadinejad or Nathaniel the peregrine falcon? Certainly not. Goose Man is not a popular sort of bird. But there is something endearing in awkwardness, and I encourage you to accept him into the Columbia pantheon of birds.