Mad nostalgia for the mid-90s is standard by now, and unsurprisingly many Bwoggers have devolved back to their 9-year-old selves, reveling in the joys of Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart in particular. Though our early Karting experience was largely a tale of character-building losses to nimbler-fingered cousins, we have trained a bit among ourselves and have stoked a more robust sense of competition (future adversaries at Blue Key Society’s spelling bee should be wary). Bwog hereby invites all fellow nostalgics for a Mario Kart tournament next Friday, April 4th, on Ruggles 6. If you have deluded yourself into thinking you’re game for the challenge – or if you just want a sweet photo of yourself in video gaming action, accompanied by a putatively funny/punny caption, published on Bwog – email Suite number and time details will follow.