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Mario Kart Tournament: It’s On

Mad nostalgia for the mid-90s is standard by now, and unsurprisingly many Bwoggers have devolved back to their 9-year-old selves, reveling in the joys of Nintendo 64 and Mario Kart in particular. Though our early Karting experience was largely a tale of character-building losses to nimbler-fingered cousins, we have trained a bit among ourselves and have stoked a more robust sense of competition (future adversaries at Blue Key Society’s spelling bee should be wary). Bwog hereby invites all fellow nostalgics for a Mario Kart tournament next Friday, April 4th, on Ruggles 6. If you have deluded yourself into thinking you’re game for the challenge – or if you just want a sweet photo of yourself in video gaming action, accompanied by a putatively funny/punny caption, published on Bwog – email Suite number and time details will follow.

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  • The Dink says:

    @The Dink Oh shit I’m all over this…foosball tourney next!

  • Aardvark Nadler says:

    @Aardvark Nadler More like MARIO FART!


  • Princess Peach says:

    @Princess Peach We need some money on this.

  • hello says:

    @hello Who is Class Day speaker??? I must know!

  • indeed says:

    @indeed WHO IS IT?

  • maybe says:

    @maybe you morons should be looking in the class day speaker thread which is two items below this one.

  • Super Smash? says:

    @Super Smash? Come on kids, Brawl just came out. Doesn’t someone want to put on another one of these tournaments.

    Playing 64 does NOT make you cool. I’m sorry. But I might be there.

    1. anonymous ii says:

      @anonymous ii getting killed by godzilla does not make you cool. i’m sorry. it just makes you dead.

    2. Done and Done says:

      @Done and Done SEAS is doing a SSB tournament tomorrow.

      Also, Mario Kart 64 is lame. True heroes played the original.

  • Peach says:

    @Peach Here I GoOo!

  • a radical says:


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