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Subpoenas Issued, “Post” Makes Awful Pun

Relatively unreliable paper The New York Post is reporting that a grand jury has subpoenaed all Columbia’s records on Madonna Constantine, citing financial records and personnel records of particular importance.

The investigation into last year’s noose-hanging incident has yet to pinpoint any possible suspects, while the plagiarism investigation remains tightly under wraps, with both Constantine’s lawyer and the University’s PR firm declining to comment.

The Post also refers to sources who explain that the subpoena could signal “that the investigation is broadening to examine possible links between the teacher, her closest friends and the racially charged incident.”

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  • spelling nazi says:

    @spelling nazi spelling mistake: “Madonnna”

  • I sincerely hope says:

    @I sincerely hope she gets to serve some jail time.

  • She'd says:

    @She'd probably hang a noose on her cell door and demand to be set free due to the inherent racism of our penal system.

  • ....... says:

    @....... what’s going on outside by the gates?

  • oh no says:

    @oh no Madonna, I hope your credit card receipts don’t have any rope purchases on em.

    i just dunno what to think…

  • haha says:

    @haha I like that Bwog parroted that JuicyCampus story from Gothamist and the Post the without fact-checking first but, when it turned out to be false, proceeded to knock both sources for not fact-checking. Nice.

    1. eek says:

      @eek and continues to cite the post, too.

  • what the fuck says:

    @what the fuck is this? the antebellum south? can we relax with the vitriol….. or do ppl really think such attacks would be the same if she hadn’t previously been the subject of racism-exposing attacks….

    1. Racism exposing says:

      @Racism exposing attacks? What racism? Oh wait you mean that the majority of the campus called bullshit on the Hunger Strike temper-tantrum? You mean that immediately assuming that a noose on a door was the result of an inherently racist university? You foolish intellectual pygmy.

    2. EAL says:

      @EAL Hi Anthony Kelley! What obnoxious, racist pile of tripe will you be publishing in the Spec this week?

    3. lolz says:

      @lolz Attacks? Yeah, of course, she couldn’t ACTUALLY have plagiarized anything. All the big meanies are just out to get her!

  • The Kerouac says:

    @The Kerouac I saw her face in the soil and I knew it was the same soil they tilled two hundred years ago with bloody hands digging in the dirt as they breathed the hot, wet Savannah air and thought of freedom and you don’t just forget that over night, no sir, and you don’t leave that behind even two hundred years later and at night when you see the bright, bright stars you don’t think those are the same stars they looked at south of the Potomac when they waited for that sweet chariot to swing low?

  • fdsas says:

    @fdsas “pygmy” refers to a group of people and using it as a denigrating tag presumes some group-wide deffiency of those people. Thus you are racist. QED.

    1. nopers says:

      @nopers The term pygmy is itself a western word. Not sure it’s really accurate to say that it’s LITERAL use (i.e. to describe something small) is racist.

      1. are you trying says:

        @are you trying to say ‘pygmy’ doesn’t create an oppressive power structure? What type of discriminatory constructs will you protect next? Racist!

        1. anonymous says:

          @anonymous OMG I know right, I mean, just the fact that these people are here speaking a WESTERN language presupposes the dominance of a particular culture and thereby the virtual enslavement of individuals of “lesser” cultures.

  • if you're interested says:

    @if you're interested here’s a comparison between Constantine’s work and one of her students:

    1. phew says:

      @phew Finally, some damn samples! Those are much more relevant to this problem than shrieking and finger-pointing… and pretty convincing in a case against Prof. C. Oh well, off we go.

      1. i know says:

        @i know i was just browsing on the new york post website and stumbled on this. I wish I had seen this sooner. REALLY damning, i say.

  • Marilyn says:

    @Marilyn Anthony Kelley’s column, “Strength to Love,” runs alternate Tuesdays. His column will be running next Tuesday, not this week. Enjoy!

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