Single Housing Lottery Number Is Up

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In case you haven’t already been frantically GChatted by friends, you should know your housing lottery number is now available. What isn’t available, despite the Housing site’s promises to the contrary, is everybody else’s. Begin frantically scrambling to figure out how many people will pick EC suites before you… now!

Update: “Daniel”, on the housing board, claims numbers will be up Tuesday. He does not, however, work for housing, so Bwog isn’t holding our breath. It’s almost as if… they didn’t plan for this? Nah.

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  1. I hate housing  


  2. Pigeon  

    1822...what type of number is that?

  3. god of housing  

    bwog. don't be dumb. everyone else's lotto numbers will be up by 5pm.

  4. Smith, Jones, Bob

    So as juniors with a number in the 140s, what can we get in general group selection?

  5. Smith, Jones, Bob

    Rising Juniors, I meant to say.

  6. Pigeon  

    General Selection is like Natural Selection in that it's cruel and cold-hearted.

    I wish we could intelligently design our dorms.

  7. went in as a group

    my number was up: 462... or is this subject to change?


    I'm a junior and got #1. Is that like a joke?! So does that mean I pick first out of everyone or something? That would be awesome!! hehehe LOL

  9. Pigeon  

    I'd pick Michael Beasley if I were you.

  10. Marc Johnson  

    I got 26!

  11. ‚P‚O‚P‚S  

    I just need a kitchen :O!
    I semi-private bathroom would be nice too.

  12. adf  

    what does a number in the 2400 mean for a rising junior?

  13. shut up  

    2 years of 2000+ numbers and now I get in the 2,900's. You don't know about justice.

    • 2900  

      puts you in prime position for summer transfers actually; some nice dorms are kept aside for that. But I agree w/ your general point. Senior housing should be Karma based. If you've had 2 years of shitty housing, you should be first in line for senior housing. Gah.

  14. random  

    If it's not you with the shitty number then it's some other poor schmuck.

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