BWOG EXCLUSIVE: Barnard All-Star Commencement Features Bloomberg and Remnick

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This year Barnard’s Class Day speakers will include New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, New Yorker editor David Remnick, famed tennis player Billie Jean King, and organizer of Harlem Head Start programs Thelma C. Davidson Adair

Bwog just ran into outgoing BC President Laura Stoffel who could hardly contain her excitement. Expect a more official announcement from Barnard in the next few days.

Worry not jealous Columbians: Luckily, there are going to be unlimited BC class day tickets this year.



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  1. Anonymous  

    One word: Guh?

    The only possible explanation I have for this is that Columbia is stoopid.

  2. I

    Wow. Columbia College just got pwned.

  3. snap!

    Dear mark johnson,
    there's your goal. Do not fail.

  4. cc.  

    why the FUCK do we have to get JOEL FUCKING KLEIN... a FUCKING NOBODY

    this sucks

  5. bc senior  

    i dont want MEN speaking at my commencement!

  6. just

    means they'll have to a lot of speeches. Some good, but most likely they'll be generic.

  7. alexw  

    Columbia College = completely buttzowned.

  8. .........

    Hmm... I wonder if they are Barnard alums.

  9. dayum  

    i think barnard 08 assed kick cc08 cause it was just tooo easy.

    cc 09 council better get their asses working. don't fuck it up assholes.

  10. Anyone know

    Who the GS speaker is?

  11. sas  

    So Mayor Bloomberg wuz a Barnard alum?

  12. hmm

    not exactly an inspiring example to barnard girls. "if you were a charter member of the patriarchy and went to harvard/princeton like we did, you too can succeed!"

  13. ...

    GS speaker is Alicia Graf:


    I think it's good that they went with someone closely connected to the school that probably shares a similar experience to many of the students there as opposed to reaching out to big name politician for the hell of it.

    Here's a bio:


    I bet she gives a good speech.

  14. ZvS  

    The CC class speaker works for the Barnard class speaker. Just sayin'.

    Anyway, as an engineer, who the hell is OUR class day speaker? How long does it take to find somebody with a slide rule?

  15. haha

    oh snap! This is awesome!

  16. SEAS  

    has anyone heard about the SEAS class day speaker?

  17. heres the thing

    there's very little the cc 09 council can do with the limits placed on them. Getting someone to speak that is 1) A CC graduate(or related to a current student) and 2) willing to come and speak for free is not an easy thing to do. Don't yell at them to find someone good, rather suggest revising the policy or something.

  18. hey bwog  

    What's the source for this?

  19. XJE  

    Assuming the "liberal elite/america haters/ahmedinejad lovers" tag is keeping Obama from visiting CU, we should have a better chance of getting him for May '09, once the election is safely over.

    Failing that, I bet we could convince Vampire Weekend to deliver the Class Day speech.

  20. the source

    is laura stoffel. It's in the post

  21. amen  

    Jesus for class speaker '10!

    spread the word

  22. Anonymous  

    CC got deaded....too bad you guys cant get a legit class speaker. fuckin sucks

  23. there are some  

    really attractive girls in CCSC 08'. Never noticed.

  24. SEAS Class Day  

    Good question. The SEAS '08 council had the choice of picking this year's Class Day speaker; no idea who they chose and/or the status on getting him/her...

  25. Uhh

    I imagine you'll discover soon, Bwog, that some of these people are getting awards and one --tops two-- are speaking. It was probably easier to get people because it's Shapiro's last year, so people like Bloomberg will want to honor her.

  26. cc8  

    I thought after last year's controversy over matt fox, CCSC would be sure to get someone good this year. Looks like I was wrong.

    CCSC, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    • cc07

      I was one of the people seriously disappointed in the choice of Matt Fox as our class day speaker, but he turned out to be an awesome choice; he was more inspiring and entertaining than the bookish famous intellectual who bored everyone at my sister's graduation...just because they're accomplished academically or politically doesn't make them a good class day speaker

  27. annoying gs student  

    hey bwog --

    any gssc election results?

  28. The color was blue.


    Why can't 301 Butler be open all year?

    Why are people still camping? I understand the phenomenon of being overwhelmed with work. But I carry my books, my folders, and my computers with me to and from campus. I find space when I need it, and relinquish it when I'm done. Why the hell is everyone else so thoughtless?

    • camping out...  

      We're working on 301 Butler; stay tuned, we're also working on opening up classroom space (that is suitable enough for study space) as well...

      And yes, I share you anger among ppl camping out; you now have the right to move ppl's stuff, and if you feel uncomfortable moving it, ask a librarian to help you with it.

      univ senate

  29. woops

    looks like BC '08 and the BC commencement committee got a lil smack down goin' on. Utoh.

    See you all on May 20th. :)

  30. cc09

    bloomberg and klein? jews for the win!

  31. good for bc...  

    who's officially in charge of CC's class day speaker -- is it the entire council, or the members in CC '08? Whoever it is, they must be getting a world of shit right now.

    They're getting Bloomberg, the editor of the New Yorker, and Billie Jean King, and the best we can do is Joel Klein? This is like a bad joke. Congrats to Barnard; way to blow it big time CCSC.

  32. Bethmann-Hollweg  

    CC appears to be run by literal mongs if the best we can do is get Joel "Who are you?" Klein.

    This whole episode is a fucking disgrace.

  33. too bad

    for barnard that commencement speakers are not necessarily an indication of the prestige or calibre of an educational institution!

  34. BC Alum  

    We don't call it Class Day at Barnard.

    The others (Billie Jean King, David Remnick, et al) are medalists but not speakers.

  35. Anonymous

    I'd take Joel Klein over my graduation speaker: Juan Gonzalez, a C-list Daily News columnist who happened to be expelled from the College in 1968 for being too radical. Or speaking too much truth to power. Or something. Lame.

  36. bc 08

    Here, here BC 09! Seriously now, #43. One can only be a hater for so long. Every dog has its day, right? At least you get to attend, should you wish to celebrate the (gasp) accomplishment of your peers :)

  37. CC'09  

    Mark Johnson better get someone notable or I'll piss on him.

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