Nostalgic for the suites you never even had a chance of getting anyway? Reminisce with the morning’s liveBwog. 

1:42 PM:

Housing has returned from lunch and suite selection has picked back up. The white board (as is far too often the case) remains the same, save for a penciled in noticed that there are 11 one bedrooms remaining on the D line in Watt.

Bwog slipped behind the screens and noticed that the most desirable line in Woodbridge, the coveted H line, is gone on all floors except the first. (Which makes sense, given Riverside’s less-than-stellar track-record for late-night crime.) On the 7th floor, I, J, and C were taken, as rising seniors quickly snatched up the top floor and its views.

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1:50 PM:

The last 4-person EC suite has been taken.

1:57 PM:

A friendly suite-selector just tipped Bwog off to what she’s calling a “little known secret.” Apparently, living on the first floor of Woodbridge is a good thing. “My boyfriend lived there, and the ceilings are like 25 ft. and the rooms look huge.” Bwog is making no claims to the veracity of any of this.

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2:05 PM:

According to a housing staffer, the iced teas have been the most popular drink today, with the middle shelf emptying out quicker than the top. The Diet Sierra Mists on the ground level of the fridge have also been going fast. Most of the Pepsis remain.


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2:11 PM:

A Bwog informant tips us off that there is a lot of special interest housing in Ruggles and Hogan, more so than expected. There are almost no fours left in Ruggles. After Ruggles and Hogan, fours will probably have to set their sights on Claremont.


The Board of Knowledge… it’s been updated!

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2:20 PM:

Four five-person suites in Hogan remain. Just one four-person suite in Ruggles in left. No six-person high-rise suites in EC, and just one five-person high-rise.

2:27 PM:

There are two five-person suites left in Hogan and we’re down to 65 in Woodbridge.

2:41 PM:

There are two more five-person suites in Hogan that are on the A-Line. There are no more five-person high rise suites with five singles.

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2:56 PM:

Another EC flat is gone. Its soon-to-be occupants informed Bwog that they were surprised at the number of RA suites on the EC high floors. A few higher floors in EC are “mostly blocked off.”

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3:02 PM:

The word on Woodbridge:

Total: 61

High (H, K, C) 6

Medium (A, B, E, F, J, L) 39

Low (G, I, D) 16

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Housing analysts are speculating that the in-demand lines in Woodbridge are going faster this year than last.

3:09 PM:

In a surprising turn-around from pre-lunch beverage selection, the Sierra Mists on the top floor of the fridge are now running conspicuously low. Pepsi selection remains slow but steady. The single-pack of diet Sierra Mists on the bottom floor—hidden gems to some, undesirable to many—are mostly untouched.

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3:15 PM:

Cross another 6-person EC townhouse off the list. Bwog also talked to the group up next, who are also planning on taking a 6-person EC townhouse, so that’s probably going to be two EC townhouses gone in the next few minutes. “I’m surprised that the high-rises are going as quickly as they are,” a student in the aforementioned group remarked. “I would have thought the townhouses would be more desirable.”

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3:27 PM:

Only one Diet Sierra Mist left!

3:30 PM:

 A 5-person suite in Hogan has been taken by Blue and White Copy Chief Alexander Statman and friends, leaving just one five-person suite in all of Hogan. Also, only one 5-person suite left in Claremont.

3:33 PM:

Bee Shaffer just walked in! “I don’t know my number!” she yelled. “What number?” her suite mate responded.

3:40 PM:

All six-person six singles EC townhouses are gone.

3:51 PM:

All four-person Ruggles suites have been claimed.

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3:55 PM:


4:03 PM:

Because we haven’t had a shot of the Board of Knowledge in awhile. It’s been updated here and there for the past half an hour.

4:08 PM:

Suite selection for today is winding down, and Bwog finally noticed all the pleasantries that Housing has scattered about the press lounge’s carpeted corner.  Taboo! You know, in case anyone wants to play a quick round while they wait to be disappointed. It’s the game of unspeakable fun!




4:26 PM

Now Playing: The Buggles, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” We love this song! A few students waiting around to pick their suite have started softly singing along. Don’t think we don’t see you, and don’t think we’re not charmed.



4:42 PM:

The day’s final count, below: (Ignore the time-stamp)