The Commodification of Hawkmadinejad

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UPDATE 10:03 PM: Fear not, commenters once fearful that our hero had up and left us forever. Tipster (and upcoming Senior Wisdom profile) Nat Gale has just spotted Hawkmadinejad and snapped a photo that we’re pretty sure Dining won’t be postering around John Jay. 

Astute and protective tipster Jon Hill informed Bwog that he had noticed a poster outside the entrance to John Jay Dining Hall that features the likeness of campus hero and bird-about-town Hawkmadinejad. 

It seems that Dining Services has taken tipster-generated photographs of our hero from the Hawkmadineblog and has reproduced them to advertise dining plans. Though why Dining thinks that particularly bloody photos of a hawk devouring a squirrel on a grassy knoll will convince students to sign up for a meal plan is beyond us.

While the bottom-most Hawkmadinejad on the poster does have a speech bubble that reads “Have You Seen My Blog?”, Dining Services doesn’t credit the photographs as the masterpieces of photographer/French Department administrator Isabelle Chagnon.

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  1. "Where's...

    "Where's Hawkmadinejad?"
    "I’ve got a gut feeling Hawkmadinejad's around here somewhere. After all, isn’t there a little of Hawkmadinejad in all of us? In fact, you might even say we just ate Hawkmadinejad and he’s in our stomachs right now!…No, wait, scratch that last one."

  2. ahhh  

    haha that is fucked up, as if john jay wasn't unappetizing enough they advertise with dead rats. i hope the tour groups like that one

  3. aww  

    HALE naw.

    No one uses Hawkmadinejad.

  4. Where is he?  

    Let's face it, he hasn't been seen in a while -- may have moved on to greener pastures...

  5. Anonymous  

    is my favorite bwog tipster

  6. ...

    i actually think this is pretty cool. i guess they could have done a better job at crediting the source, but that said, at least they did to some degree. (or at least threw a hint in there, which quite frankly, is likely to draw more attention to the source than a straight name credit ever would...)

    somebody in their department is actually having a little fun. it's cool. (especially considering the ultrablandness one normally sees out of big bureaucracies)

  7. jeets  

    saw him in riverside park around 108th this weekend...

  8. they  

    actually do something funny like this every year...last year they made fun of the matthew fox thing

  9. this  

    poster is telling us to eat squirrels and rats, not buy meal plans

  10. Bwog  

    Oh, hush. Blogs use copyrighted images all the time without crediting them. And I've got to hand it to housing & dining: this is pretty clever.

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