UPDATE 10:03 PM: Fear not, commenters once fearful that our hero had up and left us forever. Tipster (and upcoming Senior Wisdom profile) Nat Gale has just spotted Hawkmadinejad and snapped a photo that we’re pretty sure Dining won’t be postering around John Jay. 

Astute and protective tipster Jon Hill informed Bwog that he had noticed a poster outside the entrance to John Jay Dining Hall that features the likeness of campus hero and bird-about-town Hawkmadinejad. 

It seems that Dining Services has taken tipster-generated photographs of our hero from the Hawkmadineblog and has reproduced them to advertise dining plans. Though why Dining thinks that particularly bloody photos of a hawk devouring a squirrel on a grassy knoll will convince students to sign up for a meal plan is beyond us.

While the bottom-most Hawkmadinejad on the poster does have a speech bubble that reads “Have You Seen My Blog?”, Dining Services doesn’t credit the photographs as the masterpieces of photographer/French Department administrator Isabelle Chagnon.