Perpetual Bwog favorite Richard Bulliet has once again treated the students of Islamo-Christian Civilization to a semester of quotable quotations. Read and learn: this is the wit that lured Ahmadinejad to campus.

Too Much Information

It’s like getting a contact high when everyone around you is smoking dope but you don’t do that–you’re still sharing a bit of the blessing.

But let’s not mention Lyndon LaRouche because he’s kind of crazy. I wouldn’t have brought him up at all if my brother-in-law hadn’t devoted half his life to his cause.

Life Advice

I’m a dentist. If you want to lose weight, drink Raspberry Zinger tea. I’m a pharmacist. When I play baseball, I use Spalding balls.

Vladivostok: the southernmost city in Russia. There’s a little factoid for your next television appearance.

You’ll find the most beautiful tilework in the world there. And you should definitely think of visiting it…the next time you’re in Uzbekistan.

On Culture, Religion, and History

These snake-handling sects in Kentucky have quite a number of snake bites. Probably because the snakes were not as tied in with the Holy Spirit as they used to be.

Why is Saudi Arabia considered an enemy culture even though it is closer to certain American administrations than their own kidneys are?

You get to Heaven and you see everyone speaking Hebrew. You say, “Damn.”

The Romans were always defending themselves, and increasingly on other people’s land.

The hadiths were like a ripe cheese, that just oozed and expanded.

On Academia

Kursi is also the word for a chair in certain academic circles, where you also have a lot of big butts.

(Of certain far-fetched theories) This is the law of regression of causation to the point of least knowledge.

(Of Hegelianism) It was an intoxicating bologna sandwich.