Around 3:30 PM, the men’s bathroom on the 5th floor of Butler (the one by the east elevator) was promptly closed, locked and surrounded by two police officers and a CU Security official. One B&W staffer overheard the policemen saying that an incident had occurred around 3 PM and heard the cops muttering the words “hate crime.” The staffer also reports that the police have not questioned any students on the 5th floor of Butler.  

Bwog just finished talking to the police officers and security official, who hastily doled out three “No comment”s and suggested we call Public Safety. Public Saftey, was “not at liberty to say anything.” According to the policemen and security official, they have no knowledge of any Univeristy plans to release a statement about the incident.

Check back as the story (maybe?) updates.

UPDATE 6:50 PM: Two more Public Safety officials just showed up to the bathroom, one of whom directed Bwog’s questions to James McShane and refused to comment. However, as Bwog was walking away, conversation started up again. The Public Safety official asked the policeman, “How were you guys even notified about this?” The policeman replied that someone had sent an email. “There’s a swastika on the wall,” he said.

UPDATE 7:11 PM: Another staffer tipped Bwog off to the fact that the second floor men’s bathroom has also now been locked. The staffer explains that he was in the bathroom, men rushed in and began photographing the wall of a stall. The men left, locking the door behind them. The third and fourth floor bathrooms remain open. Bwog’s been scurrying around Butler for ten minutes and has also noticed that inconvenienced male studiers are not pleased.

UPDATE 8:10 PM: About eight official-ish looking people with reporters’ notepads (including two cops) are standing around the second floor bathroom. A third B&W staffer reports that he saw the group looking at printed photographs of the fifth-floor swastika. Both bathrooms are now open, despite signs on their doors proclaiming otherwise.