metaThis past semester, Spec has chronicled the trials and tribulations of ups, downs and ins and outs of graduation speakers, impeachments (Was it overplayed?  Are we including resignations?  When will it end?), and all other news that’s fit to print (and some things that are not news).  Meanwhile, Bwog has diligently chronicled Spec’s daily chronicle, despite sleeping in occasionally.  Therefore, is it not appropriate that, in the spirit of meta, we take a stroll down memory lane and revisit the QuickSpecs of this past semester?

The semester started off with big news about the basketball team.  And an entire package about cupcakes and legistation.

Heart-breaking journalism inspired an unusual fit of old-timey sentimentality from Bwog.  Yes, we got back together.

Then, coming as no surprise, we were beset by the usual controversies: academic honesty, housing, Kulawik, oppresive euro-centrism and just complaints in general.

When everything seemed to have fallen apart and there was no one to talk to, what were we to do?  My mother always said that you can’t just throw money at the problem and hope it goes away.  There are only two things to do when all seems to be lost (see pictures).

Barnard, however, was able to set everything right on the Morningside campus, while writing half of the Varsity show!

And then it was 1968, because controversy loves company!  Wait, you guys weren’t celebrating?  Don’t worry, campus activism is dead!

Worry not, fellow students, for Spec seems to be selling high right now, unlike Bear Stearns.