This year’s final issue of the Jester hit the internet a few days ago and will hit newsstands Thursday — you may have received an email from Jesterbot informing you of such. The theme of the issue, as you might have immediately noticed from the front cover, is Tragedy. Editor in Chief David Iscoe explains, “We made an issue of a humor magazine devoted to Tragedy, and we believe that the cover is appropriate for such an issue.”

On to the Quick-ing:

The defining question of the post-(Civil) War era (page 6)

A dream, not deferred, but flat-out rejected (page 7)

Isn’t the real tragedy the absence of Gmail? (page 11)

Come not between Bertrand Russell and his wrath (page 12)

Confess your sins, brought to you by the US Postal Service (page 14)

A veritable brawl between the houses of Armstrong and Armstrong (page 15)

The anguish of the human condition, all a’twitter (page 25)