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Reminder: Pillow Fight!

As several commenters have kindly reminded us, the 3rd(?) Annual Finals Eve Pillow Fight will be taking place on South Lawn in front of Butler tonight at midnight (or 11:55, according to the Facebook event). Please bring you game face and a pillow.

Pictured at right: some of the carnage from last year’s battle royale.

UPDATE, 11:45: The fun begins in just fifteen minutes, but Bwog just realized that our camera phone doesn’t have a flash. If you’re attending the pillow fight, send us your pictures, and we’ll post them once we recover from our war wounds. 

UPDATE, 12:15: Shit is out of control. At 12:00, Bwog witnessed two tidal waves of sleep-deprived humanity crash against each other in a Braveheart-style battle royale. There was an audible “oomph” as bodies and pillows smashed into each other. The Primal Screaming has not ceased in the past 20 minutes–new waves of yelling are coming about every five minutes. Insane.

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  • Yep says:

    @Yep 3rd. It started in 06.

  • fill says:

    @fill your pillowcases with pennies for added fun!

  • question says:

    @question is primal scream tonight?

    1. Echo says:

      @Echo Yeah, is that tonight?

      1. Yeah says:

        @Yeah it is

  • Sad says:

    @Sad I miss Meiko. She’s the one in the blue sweatshirt in that photo.

    Come back to us, Meiko!

  • Oh shit says:

    @Oh shit I am so ready! Its going down bitches!!!!!!

  • huh says:

    @huh they must be scheduled at the same time because the pillow fight people will already be yelling…

    1. aaaah... says:

      @aaaah... primal scream at midnight… right when the pillow fight starts… it was all very well thought out (by nina bell i might add)… everyone should scream with a british accent in her honor this year…..

  • nina bell says:

    @nina bell screws goats

    1. Well you're says:

      @Well you're kinda of a douchebag

    2. nah says:

      @nah I’m pretty sure she doesn’t screw goats, and if she did they’d be the luckiest goats in the world.

      1. haha says:

        @haha no they’d just jizz all over her face and screw other things to get their fix…

        1. Why don't says:

          @Why don't YOU go screw a goat. Nina’s great, and you’re an asshole.

  • primal scream says:


  • poop says:

    @poop ahhhhh

  • senior says:

    @senior HOLY SH*T.

    I can hear the PRIMAL SCREAM from RIVER!

    I wonder what neighbors are thinking…

    1. Neighbor says:

      @Neighbor As a neighbor – I was really worried something bad was happening. A bunch of us were at our windows looking out to figure out what was going on. Luckily I remembered reading on here about tonight’s events.

  • well says:


    lo, an institutional memory is formed…

  • Primal Scream says:

    @Primal Scream is the closest I’ve ever felt to a Columbia community. It’s nice to know everyone else is suffering like me.

    Maybe next year I’ll join in on the pillow fight. It looks like so much fun…

  • AHHHH says:



  • AHHHHH! says:




  • FUCKING says:

    @FUCKING craziest thing i’ve ever done at columbia…aside from the seven person orgy.

  • belated says:



  • haha says:

    @haha you all are getting riled up defending this c..t. i’m out of this piece

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