As several commenters have kindly reminded us, the 3rd(?) Annual Finals Eve Pillow Fight will be taking place on South Lawn in front of Butler tonight at midnight (or 11:55, according to the Facebook event). Please bring you game face and a pillow.

Pictured at right: some of the carnage from last year’s battle royale.

UPDATE, 11:45: The fun begins in just fifteen minutes, but Bwog just realized that our camera phone doesn’t have a flash. If you’re attending the pillow fight, send us your pictures, and we’ll post them once we recover from our war wounds. 

UPDATE, 12:15: Shit is out of control. At 12:00, Bwog witnessed two tidal waves of sleep-deprived humanity crash against each other in a Braveheart-style battle royale. There was an audible “oomph” as bodies and pillows smashed into each other. The Primal Screaming has not ceased in the past 20 minutes–new waves of yelling are coming about every five minutes. Insane.