IvyGate’s Hibernation a Thing of the Past

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Gather round Columbia, it’s time to re-welcome IvyGate into our browsers and into our hearts. Naturally, it has returned dressed to the nines, with a new WordPress redesign and fresh-faced summer editors. Bwogger Justin Vlasits favors the mouse over chalk-underlines in the new masthead (see above), while a Yalie friend of Bwog noticed that clicking on the chalky names re-directs readers to posts about that school.

Now let’s meet the man and woman behind the summer incarnation of IvyGate 2.0. Why look, it’s hometown favorite Nina Shield (BC ’07), and some rising sophomore from Harvard.  After introducing herself, Shield puts together a nice little wrap-up of all Vag-related happenings. She is the first Columbian to helm the good ship IvyGate since the legendary days of Chris Beam and Nick Summers. (Oh, and Andrew Nusca, a former summer editor, was a J-Schooler.) Go Lions. 

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  1. Hmm

    Nina Shield as a Columbian? I think you mean Barnardian, or whatever you call a Barnard girl.

    Otherwise, yay Barnard for co-editing a site at which your school is not included in the coverage!

  2. what is going on  

    the site design looks the same, and neither of these links work.


  3. Alvin Noteworthy

    What? A bwog post without a Dustin Hoffman picture? This is a first.

  4. wait

    since when are barnard girls ivy leaguers? and don't give me some technical bullshit about how they can play in the athletic league.

  5. Barnard pwns IvyGate

    Go Nina! Barnard is seriously representing on the summer editor front at IvyGate. I'm another Barnard girl who will be taking over at IvyGate in a few weeks. :)

  6. annoyed

    bwog has the right spirit of congratulating fellow columbia UNIVERSITY students, and of course every commenter fires back with anti-barnard slander. it doesn't make you look good, and it's completely unnecessary. the comments undermine every bwog post.

  7. shall

    i heap on the praises when some uts grad speaks with God?

  8. i don't get it  

    of course we have to claim barnard grads as fellow columbia grads! how else are we to deal with lauren graham?

  9. bc'08

    Hmmm.... My diploma seems to have been granted by the Trustees of Columbia University and signed by Lee C. Bollinger as well as Judith Shapiro.

  10. columbia girl

    i don't understand why barnard graduates would have their diploma's granted by the trustees of CU and be signed by PrezBo if barnard has their own trustees...does anyone know how the sister school relationship works at other ivys?

    I don't think its a matter of which school is better but as a female at columbia, I feel that there were different qualifications for my acceptance into columbia then barnard so i don't understand why barnard students would get their diploma granted by the trustees of columbia...

  11. this debate

    is so old, so stupid, so not-going-to-change.
    columbia students look petty when they diss barnard. that alone should be enough reason to quit the condescending comments.

  12. seriously

    the only people who engage in this debate are the incoming freshman and those who post on boredatbutler.

  13. more

    we want more bwog posts!

  14. can i just say

    our diplomas are so fuckin heinous that my mom thought that we were going to get the real one later.

    ps. sorry for ruining any anticipation in underclassmen for graduation.

    pps. i still don't have a job... yay

  15. barnard what?  

    Bwog, please check your facts. Last time I checked, Barnard is not part of the Ivy League AT ALL.

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