While most of you are probably relieved to have exited Columbia’s campus, free of Butler and Lerner for an entire summer, there’s an entire generation of earnest young people who just can’t wait for August. They were born in 1990, their SATs were probably out of 48,000, and we’re calling them the Terrible 12s.

Every now and then Bwog likes to take a look at their Facebook activities, and oh what a bevy of activity there’s been! A certain hyper-social member of the the Columbia – Class of 2012 group who calls himself “Stephan” has already volunteered his Carman room for a party the first night of Orientation, giving ResLife nearly three months to prepare for the task of breaking up the party.

Within another group, this one dedicated to the good folk of Carman, “Stephan”, who Bwog can only hope is an English major, again advertises his fete by announcing: “we r throwin da sickest party to get the year started rite…. Carman the sexyest dorm house ever…. we’re goin show these other dorms who runs shit…”

Other burning questions amongst the Terrible 12s on the “2012” group include marijuana (answer, according to one: “DO IT, DUH.”) and the virtues of their own individuality (“I beat all the varsity girls [but a couple] on the crew team on my erg score [rowing machines, for those who aren’t familiar with ergs] my freshman year.”)

Looking forward to meeting you, 12s! See you at Stephan’s party.