After Saturday’s Flag Day and Sunday’s Father’s Day, our glorious three-day holiday trifecta continues as Bwog would like to take the opportunity to wish everyone a very merry Bloomsday, a special day reserved for celebrating the events of a book we most likely have not read.

Every year, on June 16th, bibliophiles commemorate James Joyce’s Ulysses, which follows protagonist Leopold Bloom as he wanders around Dublin on that same date in 1904. 

Local James Joyce retailer Book Culture features nothing on its calendar indicating any Bloomsday reading, but Symphony Space, on Broadway and 95th, will be holding a performance of the Ithaca Episode and Molly Bloom’s soliloquy tonight at 7 PM. Also starting at that same time and going until 4 AM, 99.5 WBAI will be broadcasting its annual Radio Bloomsday, which features readings from Ulysses and Joyce’s other works, and stars apparent Joyceans Alec Baldwin and Anne Meara, among others.

If you know of any other Joyce-centric activities, use the comment thread and we’ll update the post.