Smoke, heroism and disappointment cloud EC and its environs! Eyewitness report from Bwogger John Klopfer:

“Minutes ago, outside of the Center for Career Education on Morningside Drive, a loud whoomph was heard and the smell of gas filled the Columbia University Tutoring and Translating Agency. Alarmed students poured out of its offices as flames shot six feet into the air through the hood of a taxicab parked just outside. The driver valiantly fought the flames with a small extinguisher, which availed him little. Within minutes, no fewer than three fire engines arrived on the scene. As bored firemen bandied about their axes and neighborhood children looked on in awe, the first engine’s hose was brought to finish the job. Now, the driver is standing by his car making phone calls, looking disappointed as the fire crews roll out.”

Photo by Sam Reisman