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He’s Baaaack

Apparently overjoyed with his previous New York sojourn, our overseas pal Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (we even remember how to spell that from the last go-around!) is returning to our fair city to attend the U.N.’s General Assembly in September.

According to Mahmoud himself, he’s coming around to “defend Iran’s rights” and remedy the “unjust” Western way of administrating international organizations.

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  • hope says:

    @hope his plane crashes into one of his enrichment facilities and contaminates surrounding area.

    1. LOL says:

      @LOL and i hope lots of stinky arabs die from the contaminatioon he he

      1. LOL says:

        @LOL you’re an idiot. hilarious!

      2. re #2 says:

        @re #2 screw removing this comment. Let’s just mock the commenter for being the loser s/he is.

  • hold on says:

    @hold on aside from other problems with your statement, it should be noted that Iranians are Persians and not technically arab.

  • Haha says:

    @Haha isn’t it funny that he’s actually more intelligent & articulate than your president?

    1. confused says:

      @confused “your president”…Prezbo or Bush?

      He is not more intelligent/articulate than Prezbo, tool.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous Wow. Racist comments standing for over an hour. What is this, B@B?

    1. ... says:

      @... We would normally be more careful, but it seems ironic.

  • persian says:

    @persian word on the street is that he will be in greenwich village gay clubs for a fact-finding mission.

    1. get the facts str8 says:

      @get the facts str8 please, there are no gay clubs in the village.

    2. Andy Samberg says:

      @Andy Samberg I know you say there’s no gays in Iran, but you’re in New York now, baby.

  • word on the street says:

    @word on the street the fall concert is going to be none other than mahmoud ahmadinejad himself. he’s going to rock out–NUCLEAR AMBITION STYLE.

  • Great says:

    @Great Now we can protest him withou feeling shame for our university.

  • i think says:

    @i think that we should invite him back and show him a proper introduction.

    1. but says:

      @but no one wants to go to jail for murdering such a worthless piece of garbage.

  • hey bwog says:

    @hey bwog read the articles you link to next time…he’s not here in september:
    “This year’s meeting will be held on July 18 at the UN Headquarters in New York City.”

    1. Bwog Staff says:

      @Bwog Staff According to the AP (and the UN’s own website), the opening of the General Assembly is in September this year, like we’ve reported:

      That’s why Ahmadinejad was here in September of last year too.

  • what the says:

    @what the

    i feel like groups along the lines of the aforementioned have sprouted up every year since 2010. is there some giant conspiracy? or do all pre-frosh jump for joy when they realize that they’re not the only one listening to neutral milk hotel?

  • .... says:

    @.... So does bwog condone comment #2 by its failure to take it off?

  • All idiots says:

    @All idiots Does no one find #1 tasteless? i’m glad bwog has a sense of humor but the lot of you are idiots

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