Oh you kids today, with your New Facebook and AOL Instant Messager and such. The New York Times talked to a bunch of you who prefer going online to reading books that your parents bought for you. It seems that the standardized test scores of Kids Today have declined and plateaued, causing many older people to blame the Internet. But some others are saying that the Internet has created a “new kind of reading”, claiming that even reading New Facebook is better than watching TV because at least there are words involved.

We hear from a bunch of online readers like anime enthusiast Nadia, who counts among her favorite literature some nonsense entitled “My absolutely, perfect normal life … ARE YOU CRAZY? NOT!” Bwog found this thing online and we can see why all the adults are so worried. To quote from Chapter 30: “I drop my hotdog! It just flew towards the end… uwahhhh!! Damn plane! Wait… is that? MY HOTDOG!? I MUST REACH OUT TO IT!! WAIT…”

Another Internet Reader is Zachary, from Connecticut. Zachary loves The Fountainhead and will naturally be attending Columbia in the fall. (There he is up above on his computer, probably reading about someone donating to charity and cursing under his breath.) Philosophizes Zachary the Objectivist: “The Web is more about a conversation. Books are more one-way.”

And then there’s Hunter, who likes the minimalism of things like Wikipedia. In fact, when researching a school project, Hunter scanned a Wikipedia entry to find out where someone went to college by looking for the word “college”, which, the Times will have you know, is not how things were done in the olden days.