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One of These Men is Dating Jennifer Aniston

Maybe you made some new friends at your internship or job over the summer, how nice for you. Professor to the Stars Jeffrey Sachs has made some new best friends and oh, they are awesome. Here’s our Jeff Sachs (right) with famous people John Mayer (he of smoldering stare on the left), and Jennifer Aniston (center), hanging out and probably talking about sustainable development and Brad Pitt and the like. Scholarly journal Us Weekly reports that the photo was taken at dinner for Sachs’ Millennium Promise project. 

Oh, and just for good measure there’s a photo thrown in of Sachs with old friend Angelina Jolie, who is neither famous nor good-looking enough to merit a larger photo.

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  • yes! says:

    @yes! a coup for team aniston. take that, angelina.

  • ... says:

    @... i do not trust jeffrey sachs. does that make me a tinfoil hat wearing freak or is that a common reaction?

    1. what now? says:

      @what now? best. realization. ever.

      no, really. This is my favorite thing I’ve read/heard all day. Plus I agree.

  • Anonymous says:

    @Anonymous The Loom of Fate will soon demand the death of Jeffrey Sachs.

    1. anti-rjt says:

      @anti-rjt Rob Trump is like a debate over calling binge drinking beirut or beer pong.

      Rob Trump is like a homeless saxophone player that only knows 15 seconds of a handful of crappy songs.

      Rob Trump is like a sidewalk chalk artist.

  • Murphy says:

    @Murphy Not sure who Jeffrey Sachs is… but I do love Johniffer !!!!

  • these comments says:

    @these comments are so not favorite worthy.

  • angelina says:

    @angelina is fat and ugly.

    jennifer 4 lyfe

    1. DHI says:

      @DHI False.

  • And Null says:

    @And Null I thought the answer would be written upside down somewhere, but it isn’t. Who’s dating her?

  • asdf says:

    @asdf stfu angelina is hot. but jeffrey sachs is a poser

  • maybe says:

    @maybe JSack can make a more sustainable sitcom.

  • eh yo says:

    @eh yo John Mayer is such a pansy.

    1. not to mention says:

      @not to mention he looks creepy as hell in this pic

      xanax and coke are a helluva mix

  • john mayer is pansy says:

    @john mayer is pansy angelina jolie is HAWT

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