So Long Radio Perfecto, Hello Haakon’s Hall

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Add Radio Perfecto to the growing list of Morningside establishments to bite the dust. Signs (right) have been hanging outside the bar announcing the bar’s “vacation” since early July.

But what brought about the covert demise of Radio Perfecto? If the enraged graffiti poetry on the sign is any indication, it was a conspiracy involving President Bush and grocery stores, obviously. Our informant/photographer has dutifully transcribed this startling revelation:

“You insulted / Pres Bush / Now you are bankrupt” “Oh. So _that’s_ what / happened to the / rest of the country!” and “This place had an insulting caricature / of the president behind the bar for years. / What business idiots. I guess we will get / another grocery now.”

Except despite this conspiracy theorist’s horrible poetry, which foretold of “another grocery”, it looks like Radio Perfecto’s old space will now be home to a Southern home cooking restaurant, a self-described “taste of home in the heart of the city.”

It’s called Haakon’s Hall and we have details (plus their advertisements) after the jump.

It’s eclectic (but what isn’t?) and there’s a communal table, for sharing. Its chef used to cook at Cafe des Artistes, and there’s a pantry (with snackfood like PB&J and milk and cookies) for those hoping for a Taste of Home in the Heart of the City on-the-go. Also, according to this ad, Haakon’s Hall and its free wi-fi is open til 4 AM and will stay open 24 hours a day during midterms and finals.

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  1. yoyoyo

    I display cautious optimism.

  2. this

    is a major improvement

  3. diner

    Once you got past the occasional fatal shooting, Radio Perfecto wasn't too bad.

  4. disgusting

    i ordered take-out from them once. I say once, because a cockroach crawled out of the grocery bag.

  5. ...  

    you know. that's pretty funny.

    i just stopped out front there on my way home last night and thought to myself "hmm, this place kinda looks closed up."

    the new place looks really spendy. and pretty damn similar to kitchenette... i have no hope left for this neighborhood.

    but they claim they'll be open until 4am, so perhaps they're keeping the bar...

  6. ....  

    what's the difference between rooms and "rooms" ?

  7. Grammar

    "Haakon's Hall and its free wi-fi is open til 4 AM and will stay open 24 hours a day during midterms and finals."

    It should be "are open till"

  8. website doesn't work...

  9. An improvement!  

    Comfort food? Open until four? Awesome. Now, is it at all possible to go two for two and have something worthwhile put in at Kim's?

  10. aw man

    radio perfecto was my first bar. i know, a weird choice, but go with the right people and your 18-year-old ass is in. i'll miss it, if only for sentimental purposes.

  11. all i want

    is a nice hungarian esque cafe (see: can sit for a long time, free refills) without the hungarian scene (see: dim lights, pompous readings of derrida)

  12. southerner

    WOOHOO! will there be chicken biscuits?

  13. uhh

    why another communal table like swish? columbia students spend enough time mashed up against one another - in class, in dorms, on the subway. they don't need another venue to be uncomfortably cheek-by-jowl with anonymous but-oh-so-familiar campus characters or have their intimate conversations overheard by profs and TAs.

  14. yeah  

    so I sent in a thing to Bwog gossip a month ago saying radio perfecto was closed and two people got back to me and said no it wasn't.

    looks like I was right, bwog. way to be.

  15. DHI

    Haakon's Hall sounds like a rowdy viking banquet hall instead of a polite 1950s nostalgia restaurant.

    If I wanted peanut butter and jelly I could make my own damn sandwich. That's the whole point of the sandwich, any idiot can make it

    But if they had mead and legs of mutton I could go for that.

  16. I know!  

    We could use a Cereality up here; Columbia students need a dose of warm fuzzies, and nothing (save kittens, of course) says warm fuzzies like 90's cartoons and mixed cereal in Chinese take-away cartons. Mmm.

  17. Sprinkles

    I give this place 9 months at most. You're going to have to sell a lot of overpriced peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to make the rent.

    What a horrible idea - it's a credit crunch, don't bet on gimmicks and things people can make themselves for a hell of a lot cheaper. I can't imagine too many students taking big-spending parents there...

    • ...

      Dude, there are more than enough uppidy folks at Columbia to keep this place going (if it's actually good)... need to look no further than Community for proof of that...

      though the image this place is going for really doesn't seem to fit the amsterdam side of campus...... i hope it doesn't attract too many skeazy types late at night like radio perfecto did....

  18. mike s

    Haakon's Hall will be the best restuarant in the city. Hands down the coolest place on the upper west

  19. Hil

    Wow, sweet branding! Cuz nothing says "mom's comfort food" like the name "Haakon's."

  20. jamtar

    I agree Mike we are excited about this new cozy comfort restaurant and we were talking with the Chef/Owner on Sunday he is just so full of life,and his passion for food is reflected in his eyes.

  21. kaycee

    I passed Haakon's Hall today The new owner is really cleaning the place up. I can't wait for it to open and sounds like it's going to be a great place to read a book and have a home cooked meal for us who miss our mom's cooking

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