Add Radio Perfecto to the growing list of Morningside establishments to bite the dust. Signs (right) have been hanging outside the bar announcing the bar’s “vacation” since early July.

But what brought about the covert demise of Radio Perfecto? If the enraged graffiti poetry on the sign is any indication, it was a conspiracy involving President Bush and grocery stores, obviously. Our informant/photographer has dutifully transcribed this startling revelation:

“You insulted / Pres Bush / Now you are bankrupt” “Oh. So _that’s_ what / happened to the / rest of the country!” and “This place had an insulting caricature / of the president behind the bar for years. / What business idiots. I guess we will get / another grocery now.”

Except despite this conspiracy theorist’s horrible poetry, which foretold of “another grocery”, it looks like Radio Perfecto’s old space will now be home to a Southern home cooking restaurant, a self-described “taste of home in the heart of the city.”

It’s called Haakon’s Hall and we have details (plus their advertisements) after the jump.

It’s eclectic (but what isn’t?) and there’s a communal table, for sharing. Its chef used to cook at Cafe des Artistes, and there’s a pantry (with snackfood like PB&J and milk and cookies) for those hoping for a Taste of Home in the Heart of the City on-the-go. Also, according to this ad, Haakon’s Hall and its free wi-fi is open til 4 AM and will stay open 24 hours a day during midterms and finals.