Obama vs. “Pregame Lol” vs. …Victorian Gardens?

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While the first 2012ers are off hiking, biking, or rafting somewhere north of New York, and three days before the rest of their classmates arrive, NSOP has released its 2008 schedule to the public. Mind-numbingly boring rituals like Convocation, Under1Roof, and the academic assemblies are of course part of the schedule. For the more “fun” events, NSOP 2008 seems to be sticking to Manhattan. The highlights:

  • Tuesday: “After Hours At The Met,” a private party and viewing of three galleries – Egyptian Art, Roman and Greek Art, and Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Budding activists looking to get a head start will no doubt protest the lack of Asian Art.
  • Wednesday: “CU: Remix,” this year’s incarnation of the BlaZe. At this time, it is unknown what, if anything, NSOP will be remixing.
  • Thursday: “Victorian Gardens.” Instead of Coney Island or Ellis Island, NSOP has gone with Victorian Gardens for the Thursday night out.

Thursday night is now packed with dueling options, then, as freshmen can choose between two parties sans alcohol (NSOP and Jose “Stephan” Perez’s Hottest Party of the Year) or stay on campus and watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination. Bwog eagerly awaits this epic battle of historic speechifying vs. fruit juice and Coke.

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  1. I really do...

    heart Bwog.

  2. hahaha

    NSOP is really lame this year. The NSOP committee is really going down everyone on that committee needs to go!!!

  3. clearly...  

    the little turds are just upset that they got caught snooping.

    not so clever after all...

  4. random '08er  

    Bwog, fix your links!

  5. CU Dems  

    are hosting a watch party in the Tasti Lounge for the acceptance speech.

  6. aargh


    why biden?

    • Maybe...

      Because we're living in the real world where some people still need to be convinced that the Dem ticket has some weight, and not in a fantasy world where the "new" politics of no-names Tim Kaine and Evan Bayh might have made a lick of difference?

      But then, this has nothing to do with NSOP

      • fine

        but now the following criticisms don't apply to mccain (and they were effective):

        1. age and health
        2. mccain's poor academic record
        3. lobbyist connections
        4. being an insider

        how the heck is biden hope/change

        and kaine/bayh weren't the only options--you had hillary/clark and a bunch of others

        • EAL  

          "hope and change" lol

          It's Obama supporters like you who live in a fantasy world. The personality cult that surrounds this man is almost frightening. You may be upset he chose Biden, but in the end Biden was probably the best he could do from a practical perspective. Hillary was NEVER going to be chosen; she would wreck Obama's campaign message (or lack thereof) far more than any other running mate. Bayh is an empty sack of potatoes, Kaine is a one-term governor who has not accomplished much (given this is probably due to a deadlocked Republican state house in Richmond), and what's so great about Clark? His "fantastic record" as NATO commander? In the end, you'll see that Biden was probably the best veep candidate the Democratic Party has to offer. Since Obama claims to be running as an outsider, he needs an insider to complement him. Every "outsider" candidate has done this, whether it be Eisenhower with Nixon, Kennedy with Johnson, Carter with Mondale, or even Reagan with Bush.

          This may be hard for Obama supporters to swallow, but Obama's not a "post-partisan candidate." If anything, he's more partisan than the last two Democratic presidential candidates have been. The Washington insider politics of compromise and horse-trading, what you might recognize as "flip-flopping" and pork-barrel spending, will never go away thanks to the election of one man. If anything, an Obama presidency (combined with a heavily Democratic Congress) would see wasteful government spending reach new, dizzying heights. Pelosi and Reid are just as susceptible to earmarks as the prior Republican Congress was. If Obama really thinks he can change the system singlehandedly, then he is in for a VERY rude awakening. Prepare for Jimmy Carter, Round II.

  7. DHI

    Biden drives home to bamma-ass Delaware every night because he hates D.C. and Obama tries to say that's a good thing.

    Fuck 'em.

  8. McCain dem

    I like Joe Biden, but that doesn't make up for the lack of substance at the top of the Democratic ticket.

    Like many staunch Democrats, I believe a voter must first look at the top of the ticket. And such a look reveals John McCain as the only legitimate candidate in this election.

  9. Uhh

    There's really no such thing as a McCain Democrat, not anymore. I once would have defined myself as a Democrat who'd like McCain in the White House, but he's scrambled so far right these past few years that I can't find a single one of his policies I'd rather see than Obama's. His disheartening shift of gears from "level-headed centrist" to "pandering GOP puppet" makes me cringe, actually.

    If some who once identified as Democrats now support McCain for reasons they think are valid, that's fine. But, surprise! You're a Republican.

  10. Anonymous

    right about "real condoms." once i thought i was so smart, having those nyc condoms around until me (and the guy) realized that it was way too small--and he wasnt like huge or anything, but they're supposidly a tight and uncomfortable fit.

    some other things that come in handy:
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    lots of water bottles or soda cans
    hooded sweatshirts
    sneakers (a few pairs)
    pics of family/friends
    vanity mirror (if youre a girl)
    bottle of whisky
    looseleaf paper/index cards

  11. Anonymous

    woops wrong post

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