While the first 2012ers are off hiking, biking, or rafting somewhere north of New York, and three days before the rest of their classmates arrive, NSOP has released its 2008 schedule to the public. Mind-numbingly boring rituals like Convocation, Under1Roof, and the academic assemblies are of course part of the schedule. For the more “fun” events, NSOP 2008 seems to be sticking to Manhattan. The highlights:

  • Tuesday: “After Hours At The Met,” a private party and viewing of three galleries – Egyptian Art, Roman and Greek Art, and Art of Africa, Oceania, and the Americas. Budding activists looking to get a head start will no doubt protest the lack of Asian Art.
  • Wednesday: “CU: Remix,” this year’s incarnation of the BlaZe. At this time, it is unknown what, if anything, NSOP will be remixing.
  • Thursday: “Victorian Gardens.” Instead of Coney Island or Ellis Island, NSOP has gone with Victorian Gardens for the Thursday night out.

Thursday night is now packed with dueling options, then, as freshmen can choose between two parties sans alcohol (NSOP and Jose “Stephan” Perez’s Hottest Party of the Year) or stay on campus and watch Barack Obama accept the Democratic nomination. Bwog eagerly awaits this epic battle of historic speechifying vs. fruit juice and Coke.