It’s True: No Trays in John Jay

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Young Will Leonard’s report on the 12s’ Met excursion contained a Shocking Revelation, namely that John Jay Dining Hall would no longer be using trays.

We called Dining just a few minutes ago, and the helpful woman on the phone confirmed that yes, there are no more trays. Apparently, this is because of “environmental concerns” — not having trays means you don’t have to wash any trays, she pointed out — and noted that many other universities were following suit.

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  1. ???!!!

    NOW how will i sled?!

  2. how about

    we get really eco friendly and do away with plates and silverware. we can just set up some troughs for food and stick our faces right into them.

  3. ...

    This also has two other benefits:

    1. Less food will be wasted. With trays it's easy to load up a bunch of plates of food you won't really eat. I did that all the time freshman year. Now you have to exert more effort for each plate and you might not get something unless you actually plan on eating it.

    2. It could reduce the freshman 15. Again, you won't pick up more food than you need and take it back to the table.

  4. has to be done...

    What is this beTRAYal??

  5. Hmm  

    Interesting idea, but I don't think it'll last -- those John Jay cups are mighty small.

  6. So then

    how do you carry a plate, a cup, and a bowl then? Why are housing and dining full of retards?

  7. but wait  

    will they be using plastic plates and cutlery still? Because I feel like thats wasteful.

  8. breaking news

    In an environmental move, Columbia Dining has decided to move from plastic trays to styrofoam trays. One housing employee remarked, "the environment will never expect this move! fuck you, global warming!"

  9. HOW

    am i going to find that person that writes all of the tray-isms on the tray?! I've been trying to find them FOREVER

  10. first off

    bwog, congrats on starting the year in style. you are awesome again.

    secondly, this is awful. we need cups and silverware?

  11. Athletics Department

    OH NO how will our athletes stock up on ten cups of gatorade at one time?!

  12. Adam Nobler

    Word has it that John Jay Hall is removing its bathrooms, and advocating the use of colostomy bags, which can be easily disposed of through the garbage shoots. Catheters will replace the device formerly known as the Piss Cup, a red plastic contraption marketed by Solo Medical Inc.

  13. and

    by cutting down on the amount you can carry, you save those bastards money. Will they bring down prices from their absurdly high levels accordingly? Fuck no.

  14. no...  

    cloth ones perhaps...

    but much more efficient, just piss out the window. If anyone complains, they simply aren't green enough.

  15. and now..

    ..with plastic knives, it will be even easier to cut the meat!

  16. huh?  

    aren't trays that are tossed out after one use infinitely worse?

  17. brilliant

    Idiotic decision. Not to go tray-less, but to just chuck them.

    I would have at least saved all the trays with interesting carvings on them, and held a penny-auction (i.e. really low bids) for some food charity like city harvest. Great way to raise awareness, and distribute trays for future sledding, and nod towards a now-lost guerilla tradition.

  18. tbt

    they will probably lock the trays in the tunnel system with the uranium...

  19. not eco friendly  

    they just chucked the trays because their conveyor belt broke.

  20. green freak

    This is going to have a few key affects. Firstly, it's going to dramatically increase the level of traffic in John Jay, because people will have to make at least 2-3 trips for every meal. For anyone familiar with John Jay at 6pm, you know this means utter chaos.
    Secondly, the combination of a large number of students, all of whom are attempting to juggle plates, is bound to lead to more broken plates/glasses and spilled food.
    As you all know, the manufacturing process required for plastic and glass is very harmful to the environment. So really, are we doing anyone a favor here?

  21. oh yeah,

    ...and instead of cleaning trays, they will now have to clean tables. It's not like getting rid of the trays will suddenly stop people from spilling food.

  22. One time  

    My best friend and I figured that since the trays and plates get washed all the same (at least, we assumed so), they were equally as clean. So we piled all of our food onto the tray itself, no plates or anything. We did still end up using cups, but I think this would be an even better step towards helping the environment. Don't take away the trays, take away the plates!

  23. clearly

    Bwog commenters aren't afraid to tray what they think.

  24. Seriously though

    my favorite tray from my John Jay days has "TRAY ANYTHING" carved into it, along with a picture of a guy holding a tray over his head a la John Cusack. Who's responsible? I love it.

  25. hunger striker  

    fuck this, no more eating.

  26. 02er

    I lived in Jay in 98 and the tray inscriptions existed even then. Not sure if the same trays are being used, but if so, don't get your hopes up about finding the punsters responsible! This is the end of an institution...

    • 07er

      the trays were completely replaced after my freshman year. Half the fun in eating at John Jay was finding a brilliant pun on your tray. New puns appeared on the new trays though. A traygic end to a true columbia traydition.

  27. your mom

    Wow, this is stupid. If they want to get all green-crazy, what about the water that's going to be used mopping up food people drop when they can't balance a plate, bowl, and cup?

  28. fuck JJ  

    what about all the other waste on campus that makes JJ pale in comparison? lights left on, heat too high (walk around campus in Feb. and count the open windows), A/C too low, entire labs of computers running 24/7?

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