Tomorrow, US News & World Report will release the most important list of our time or any other: its annual ranking of the best colleges and universities.

Bwog received an exciting advance press release, the only information on which was that this year Columbia, Duke, and the University of Chicago share the 8th place spot for top universities. (UChicago and Columbia were tied for the #9 spot last year, while Duke ranked 8th.)

We look forward to seeing the rest of the list in all its schadenfreude-y glory tomorrow, and will update with the rest of the rankings as soon as we receive them.

UPDATE 11:51 AM: Full list — well, full list of the portion you’re interested in — after the jump. (Or check comment #1, because this comment foretold the future quite accurately.)

1. Harvard

2. Princeton

3. Yale

4. MIT

4. Stanford

6. Cal Tech

6. U. Penn

8. Columbia

8. Duke

8. U. of Chicago

11. Dartmouth

12. Northwestern

12. Wash U St. Louis

14. Cornell

15. Johns Hopkins

16. Brown

17. Rice

18. Emory

18. Notre Dame

18. Vanderbilt

21. Berkeley

22. Carnegie Mellon

23. Georgetown

23. U. of Virginia

25. UCLA