Most of the NSOP schedule leaves freshmen with two choices: go to the “required” event, or skip it. Tonight, though, newly-convocated Columbians have at least five choices for their entertainment. 

  •  NSOP is asking you to join them at Victorian Gardens to “meet your class for a tantalizing night under the stars. Who knows who you might meet?” Bwog’s just guessing at the answer here, but you’ll probably meet your class.  Doors opened at 7:30.
  • One 2012er has taken the night into his own hands by throwing his own party. Yes, it’s Jose “Stephan” “Pregame Lol” Perez’s “Sexxx in the City” party. Doors to the bar (thoroughly stocked with fruit juice and Coke!) open at 10.
  • Those who want to stay closer to campus might be considering the various party options around as upperclassmen arrive. Doors open whenever their stuff gets unpacked.
  • Sleep. Doors stay closed.
  • For those seeking more of a national profile, Barack Obama is accepting the Democratic nomination later tonight at Invesco Field in Denver. Those of you of the Democratic persuasion can join the Columbia Democrats in the Tasti Lounge Hartley 3B starting about 8:30. Bwog’s Political Weekly will be liveblogging the speech right here as well.